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55+ Million Dead, No Graves

Today should be a day to mark the mass slaughter of over 55 million Americans. One could almost envision a somber parade complete with flag draped coffin in representation similar to that of the passing of some elder statesman. Or, even row upon row of white headstones, crosses and stars of David like you might see at Arlington or Normandy, France. Monuments to senseless slaughter and reminders that we should someway put an end to the senselessness. But, there are none to mark these innocents, that didn’t have the comfort of a hand to hold theirs, before they were murdered in the womb.

Jesus said, blessed are those among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb. Yet, in the year of 2013, 40 years since the passing of Roe v. Wade by one single vote by SCOTUS; children are being murdered at an ever-increasing rate. It is a rate that is 50,000 times more than the toll at Sandy Hook. Where are the so-called “journalists” with their microphones shoved in the faces children (fortunate not to have been aborted), like they did within minutes after Sandy Hook, asking their opinions and reaction to the trauma, to decry this substantially higher death toll from murder.

Worse, the main facilitator of this epic scale of murder, Planned Parenthood, is bragging that they are taking in over $1 billion per year to continue the death toll. About half, $542 million from tax payer money alone. Evil are the ones that named this insidious organization, as it belies what their main purpose is about. Murdering children. Sure, they tout cancer screenings, and contraceptives, but the fact remains – those are not where the money comes from. Why isn’t it called Planned Death Camp, or All About Abortions. Maybe with ads depicting some young woman having an abortion one day, and going to that all important party the next day. No longer responsible, no longer tied down. Free and unfettered, a gleam in her eye, the flash of her white teeth. No, that would mean bringing murder into the light where roaches and rats fear to be seen.

Has there been many who have thought what over 55 million children represent? Probably not. Abortion is still one of the great unmentionables. You will not hear it spoken at the dinner table or within the closest family units. There may be whispers here and there, but no real discussions are held. Nothing akin to; “Hey, did you know that Susie had an abortion today? Sure glad, I wasn’t ready to be a grandfather. What’s that, mom? You didn’t know about it, either? I over heard her telling her BFF. Must be that darned law where you and I don’t have to give consent. Oh well, ha ha!” No, it is easier to not discuss and just forget. But, can you forget something like that?

Well, here is what all of those murdered innocents that were never given a chance could represent. Approximately 30 million of them would now be ready to start their own families. That means, you guessed it, they could have been having around 20 million of their own children. What could have all of these children and their potential children have accomplished, or contributed to the society as a whole? What innovations, cures, or other accomplishments are forever lost? 55 million guesses and one could not come up with the answers.

Put in more simple terms, 55 million children would roughly be the populations of California, New York, and Florida – combined. One statistic shows that if they were a nation, those murdered would be similar to Germany which is the 16th largest country on earth and economically fourth in rank. What would the world’s reaction be if Germany, or three of our nation’s states were wiped out? One can see whole armies thrust into almost instant combat to eradicate the evil foe. But, not so here. Day in and day out, almost outwardly silent, children’s lives are taken legally every day just because they are in the womb and not outside of it. Within the womb and the terrible Planned Parenthood facilities across this nation – it is almost certainly not silent. Dismemberment has a sound – as well as the laughter all the way to the bank for their employees and administrators.

Thus, if you voted for the tyrant and his administration that is the most pro-murder in American history, it is hard to know how you can live with yourself or even look in a mirror. What’s that? You have no reflection?

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Coronation of a Pseudo King

A sad day and future starts now.

Today, America officially rings in the next four years of misery headed by, not just a pseudo king, but a socialist dictator in the making. It also starts the downfall of our children’s future. It will take decades to repair the damage if it ever can be undone. A nightmare that no Elm Street imagined, chain saws included.

With the BLS officially stating this week that over 8 million people are no longer looking for jobs, because the jobs are not there to look for, Herr Barry is laughing, vacationing, and golfing his way through his first term, and more of the same will be his second. Spending his time hiding behind children to push his edicts outside of Congress, because, of course, only he who thinks he walks on water, knows what is best for the rest of the 300 million people in our former great nation. Just try to take our Constitutional right to bear arms against tyranny and watch millions revolt.

If his lips are moving, he’s lying, with the possibly biggest whopper being said (so far…) to John Boehner – “We don’t have a spending problem.” The feckless, and useless media fawning and slobbering over him, literally and figuratively pronouncing his “second coming”, while burying and plainly not even reporting anything that would ruin his greasy shine. Creating and fostering a jobs creation environment what? Benghazi what? Fast and Furious where? Billions of dollars wasted on “green” businesses going bankrupt left and right when? Transparency when? Special interest lobbyists and donors from China who? Union thugs and crony capitalist who? What kind of “journalists” would we be if we didn’t laud Charles and Kate’s baby bump, instead reporting that there are now over 56 million dead, dismembered babies since 1973? They’re no longer bumps. Snooki did what? Honey Boo Boo said what? Or, when we “reporters” can stick microphones within minutes of a tragedy in the faces of terrified, trauma stricken children, in the aftermath of a senseless shooting, asking the children to make sense of it all while getting almost every detail wrong? What was the over glorified shooters name? Was it his brother? Assault rifle – not a blinged out hunting rifle made to look like a military grade weapon?

This man is a horrible human being at best who is bent on doing what ever he can get away with to permanently destroy this country. His mentors Ayers and Wright, and the “Chicago” way to live up to. What is blowing up buildings compared to being able to “fundamentally” destroy a nation. After all, the wife with “bangs” he has to make “proud of her country”, too. But, hey! Why stop with screwing up just the once greatest nation this earth has ever seen? When, look here! Barry the Magnificent can ruin the rest of the planet while he’s at it, by letting Iran go nuclear and possibly (read: will do at earliest moment) trash the entire world in a holocaust, starting with Israel. You remember Israel, don’t you your pseudo highness? Our allies sitting alone surrounded by the religion of the perpetually enraged? Yeah, thought you didn’t. To busy pandering here and to the Morsi’s of the world while Christendom is trashed here and abroad in a way not seen since the Romans. Got your fiddle Nero? Smell smoke where? Crucify the GOP?

If it wasn’t such a sick joke, albeit reality, I’d be laughing at the uneducated morons that voted (many twice) to put his royal Maroon (thanks Bugs Bunny) back in office, instead of him focusing on his memoirs and library in his less than 1% can afford mansion in Hawaii. How’s that paycheck looking (if you are lucky enough to have a job) Barry voters? Ha! How’s that spread the wealth class warfare “check” spending? Where’s your handout? Obama phone? Hours cut to less than 28 a week you say? You say it’s all good because you are going to get “free” medical care? Don’t realize still that you have voted yourself into perpetual poorness and slavery to an ever burgeoning and growing government, taking the rest of us with you? Oh, if you realized even one of the above, that would mean you actually read (and understand) something other than the comics while holed up in your parent’s basement. Or maybe you are a classier liberal and read the Onion. You only watch tv specifically Jersey Shore or MSNBC? Presumptuous Piers and Raging Rachel your favorites?

No surprise, and as a result, pardon me if I don’t hold my breath waiting for you to educate yourself. By then, your own children will have been indoctrinated into the pseudo dictators stock rhetoric. Oh, you wanted to go to a party so you aborted them?

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A Kind Old Soul

Thanks to a friend for reminding me of a kindly old soul that is no longer with us, save for my memory and in the memory of many others. I lived in a small town for years and was acquainted with an old black gentleman that everyone who lived there, or passed through regularly, would see this man walking around the town. John was his name and we should all be like him in many ways.

I will never forget my first meeting of John. I was in college working in an office supply store after classes. I had just arrived at work one day and was busying my self doing some shelf dusting and straightening as there were no customers in the store. A moment later in walks John. I had seen him before, but only in passing. He went straight for an end cap that had a display of colorful pens. The display had a pad of paper attached to it and he began to doodle with several of the pens. After a while of this, I offered to buy one of the pens for him. John just looked at me for a second, and said; “no thank you sir, I don’t know what I would do with it.” I at once felt badly, as even now, I am not sure but think he must have been illiterate. But, before he left, he made sure to let me know in his quiet way that I shouldn’t feel bad, after I had apologized to him if I had made him uncomfortable. Thereafter, John would only come to the big windows at the store front, but not come in. Even when I would go out and invite him to the pen display. One could not help but like this fellow. And, many in this small town did.

Too many, though, looked down on John as if he was simply not company that they would keep. Too busy, maybe, to take the time to learn otherwise. Who knows their reasoning. John never bothered anyone. He never asked for money, he never said an unkind word (or spoke much), and had an ever-present – though very slight – smile, with just a wisp of a mustache. Always the smile. He was always dressed in blue jeans and what I call a plaid shirt with long sleeves. Even in summer. His shirt was always clean with a crease down the sleeve, and rolled up just so. His jeans, never faded, were always crisp and he had a peculiar habit of buying them way too long. (Always wished I had asked him why he did that.) He rolled, perfectly I will add, the extra length of cuffs of his jeans up to where they were at least five or so inches tall, with the bottom of the roll touching his boots. His boots were nearly always looking as if he kept them polished. There were many times I would give John a ride to some part of town if he was so inclined. The ride was usually mostly silent as John didn’t talk very much, at least not around me. Just the usual “how are you John” – “I’m fine sir” – “thank you” – “thank you, John.” I’d let him off where ever he wished (it was never far) and he would continue on his walk. Some would say that John “was not all there”, but I suspect he was more “there” than most of us.

Again, always pleasant, ever the smile. A few years ago John passed, and while it was rumored before, it was confirmed later that John was a veteran of the Korean War and may have suffered an injury there that affected him in later life, the latter part I am unfortunately not as sure. At his death, the town in large number, turned out to give him a funeral, and someone even made sure he had a proper headstone. Such was the effect that this simple old soul had on many of us. I always had an affection for John, as his smile, his countenance, were somewhat infectious. I can still see him walking, but in a better place, looking down – and smiling.

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Imperialism in America = Freedoms and Liberties Lost

Early this morning I was taking in the grey chilly start of the day while looking at the lake. About 20 yards away, up to the surface of the water, pops a water fowl with a decent sized bream in its long beak. The fowl, having a bit of a struggle to position the fish for its’ eventual end. Then I noticed just a few feet above the water a hawk trying to position itself to steal the fish right out of the beak of the water fowl. Without much hesitation, and figuring the hawk would not go away, the water fowl took its’ hard won catch and simply dove under the water to finish what it earned, leaving the hawk to look elsewhere for his meal. I have witnessed this hawk swoop down, more than once, and snatch with his talons fish from the water on his own, without breaking “forward” flight, thus earning his own meal. I thought how nice it would be if we could just simply dive under water to keep (or even find something) our hard-earned “meal” from the force of the White House occupier and his armed IRS…without drowning.

Now the occupier is wanting to further dig his talons into the flesh of “We the People…”; not just our “meals”, by ever more tyrannical and dictatorial edicts that he alone professes to deem necessary to inflict. Constitution be damned. Immoral socialist ideology thrust down our throats under the false guise of “mandate” that is only electoral in reality. Cowardly tactics of using innocent children behind him to bolster his misguided ideology. Even those elected to counter his imperialism complicit by their silence and caving inaction.

I am at once incensed, saddened, and powerless to save my children from what could have been a bright future of growth and prosperity. Nor myself now four years unemployed. My optimism for there to be a return to the America that should be, can still be, waning.

Common sense beaten down by his hovering wings and shredded by his talons. Thus, are We the People.

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | September 30, 2011

U.N.’s “level of ambition” behind closed doors

Amazing how many of the world’s governing bodies are operating more and more behind closed doors to decide the fate of millions, especially where their pocket books are concerned.

This is the case of the U.N. and their latest push to force draconian and extremely oppressive regulations and taxes on the world under the farce of “environmental protection” in Bonn. After that ridiculous showy mess that was Copenhagen failed miserably the U.N. just won’t give up.

Why not give up the  farce? Because it is all based on faulty and manipulated science with the only purpose being to line the pockets of individuals and corporations’ bottom lines. Money, money and more money! Al Gore is a perfect example of this as his net worth is ten times what it was as when he was V.P. of the U.S. All gained after his campaign to force his global warming garbage on the world.  Your money; their pockets!

Whether it is the Obamunists, or the “United” Nations, if they can’t get their agendas passed in the public eye, they will resort to behind closed-door decisions and sneak and force their policies through. Why the world puts up with this cronyism and, as history has shown over and over, failed socialistic policy making is anyones guess.  Maybe the socialists’  mantra of “tell a lie often enough, and it will become truth” is working.  Add to that another socialist mantra of “if it won’t pass in the light of day, force it on the populace after behind closed-door law making”. Cockroaches have more character.

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | January 10, 2011

Liberals Stirring Up Hate Speech

It is reprehensible the number of liberals that within moments of the event, have come out of the woodwork to mouth off about the tragic shooting in Arizona of Rep. Giffords and those unfortunately killed and wounded. Blaming everyone and everything from Sarah Palin to Fox News. as if they had pulled the trigger before Rep. Giffords was even out of surgery! These liberals are disgusting people who are no better than the crazed person who committed the crime.

True hate though is really coming from the liberal socialist left, and has been escalating for at least the last two years. Conservatives have quickly figured out the liberal socialist agenda, and yet they continue with this propaganda that the Nazi Joseph Goebbels would have been proud to have had a hand. Lies on top of more lies, and egregious distortions of half-truths in mainstream media, and counting on a significant number of Americans to jump to their conclusions that have no basis in fact.

First of all, there is nothing to show at this point that this mentally sick  individual that committed this heinous act was even politically motivated! Second, conservatives won the November election and winners don’t celebrate a win by shooting someone.

Liberals have sown hate and fear by the following:

  • Forcing through legislation in closed door sessions, in the middle of the night, and nefarious at best; in a decidedly un-American fashion that liberals don’t even bother to know what is in the law, nor even knowing what its’ long-term consequences are, thus changing the fundamental values this nation was founded.
  • Forcing upon current and future (even those not yet born) American taxpayers, through unprecedented astronomical spending in a tremendous expansion of government and entitlement mentality, debt levels that are unsustainable and a threat to our national security. 
  • Forcing through czars that are not elected, regulation that severely impinge the liberties and invade the privacy of Americans.
  • Incompetent policies that shackle private and public “free” enterprise with regulation that ultimately cost the average American jobs and cost more money to live in the worst economic time since the Depression.
  • Waging class warfare by wanting to force wealthier Americans to give up their hard-earned income in a disproportionate manner simply to garner votes from those who are jealous of others’ success and want to be supported monetarily by others’ efforts and work.
  • Ignoring and thus breaking the laws of the land by a multi-faceted and concerted effort to give sanctuary, and ultimately, amnesty to illegal aliens; so many of which cause disease, crime, and rob work from law-abiding citizens.
  • Spreading rumor and inuendo through mass media as if it were fact, that “target” symbols used by (yes,  liberals too!) conservatives in political ads should even remotely suggest to any ordinary, reasonable, prudent American, that a candidate for office would actually want their opponent shot and killed!
  • Generally corrupt politics and still ignoring the electorate that sent socialist liberals a clear message that the un-American direction of socialist loser ideals they were taking this country must end.

This is by no means the end of the list of transgressions that prove socialist liberals are the real hate mongers. I’d say shame on you, but it is obvious that so many of you have no shame.

To all those that were wounded, and to the families of those that were murdered; this conservative wishes that you get well quickly and that I share your grief.

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | January 8, 2011

Obama Wants To Mind Your Business On Internet

The ridiculousness of Obama’s control measures he wants over society continues. Obama announces today (a weekend of course) that he plans to authorize the Commerce Dept. to issue I.D.’s to each and every American to monitor the internet. This simple cannot be allowed to happen.

Next, Obamunism is going to want to know when you leave your house and where you are going! “Where are your papers Mein Herr?!!”  Except, they will not need trenchcoated and uniformed SS to ask you. It will all be electronic. Is he going to require our cars be bugged with GPS monitoring so he knows our movements there, too? Is he going to succeed in his wanting to censor news networks that do not kiss up to his every whim? Yet he is wont to do such a thing with illegals!! Typical Obamunist twisting of our civil liberties. These are’nt hysterics. There is a tremendous amount of truth in the old addage, “give an inch and they will take a mile.”

It’s none of Obama’s business, nor government in general, what the average American does with the internet or other areas of our private lives. I am sure they will say something about catching predators that use the internet, but as “noble” as that sounds, I am sick of Obama’s wanting to interfere with my personal life, and sick to death of the majority of Americans being punished for the transgressions of an extreme minority. This is just one more stepping stone to control and ignore the Constitution.

Of course, if Obama wants to know what I think of him, his cronies, and his ridiculous policies then he only need to read this blog.  If Obama succeeds at making the I.D.’s a requirement; Americans will find their liberties eroding at an ever increasing rate.

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | January 5, 2011

PC Police Jerks Are After Mark Twain

This is so typical of “politically correct” jerks. Go after a dead guy, change his literary works by censoring a word, and see if it sticks. Then, if it does stick in their view, there will be nothing to stop the PC police from changing other items to suit a minority of overly sensitive readers, or for their own devices. History will be at risk to be rewritten and that is a dangerous thing. Because they won’t stop at a single word if this becomes “accepted”. This comes on the heels of the organization of professional “journalists” looking at changing the term “illegal alien” to “undocumented” What an outrage!! What purpose does it serve to minimize criminal activity? None, unless your agenda is anarchy and loser socialistic ideals.

It is a major shame that a minority of people don’t have something better to do than take time to be “offended” at a word, and worse, seek to change it to something less offending. Grow up! I personally as well as a great many other people,do not care for TV shows, movies or books, and other media, using a large amount of profanity. It shows and promotes a crass, uncultured mindset, which you cannot keep from the eyes and ears of children. Yet, you don’t see a publisher or TV network changing their style of writing to accommodate what certainly must be a great many more people offended by “reality show” trash, than there are those whom are “offended” at one little word in two classic literary works by Mark Twain. So what to do? Simple! Don’t read or view it!

People should be “uncomfortable” every now and then to see such wording as a reminder, not only of a time and era gone by as these classic works show, but why we as a society don’t use such terms anymore. Although, it is well known that if you are of black ethnicity, in which that ethnic group in large instances seems to enjoy calling each other that by that term. Go figure. Not the best way to garner respect in general.

Bottom line is that censorship is never a good thing, with the possible exception of promoting military integrity. When people start to believe otherwise in large numbers then this nation will be doomed to setting themselves up to be told what to think and when to think, and be taught from the time they are young and defenseless what will only amount to be propaganda. I for one will never submit to being herded by a minority.

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 14, 2010

Obamacare Debacle: Smacked!

Finally, some common sense and some small amount of sanity. Obamacare, which should be repealed as quickly as possible, was dealt a serious blow to the mandate that the Pelosi, Reid and their crooked cronies have forced on Americans. The mandate that you should be forced to buy a product or face a serious fine and jail – all by your government! Germans that are old enough to remember the 1930’s are familiar with this form of government. So should you, if you have any sense and knowledge of even a small amount of recent history.

Americans must stand up to this terribly dangerous and oppressive law and demand it’s repeal. Why? Because, the law was passed irresponsibly for one. Anything that is placed into law that the lawmakers themselves do not know what the law encompasses, nor know what is in all of the 2000+ pages, saying essentially “we’ll figure it out later” is not sane! Also, the law was passed in the dead of night like skulking burglers stealing from your home while you sleep. This is proof that socialists are wanting to turn America upside down in what is no less than a coup against the constitution. And they are getting away with it! Because, you who do not lift a finger, even though you don’t agree with it, are essentially enabling the law to stand.

I am amazed that Americans did not take to the streets in protest of this dangerous law when passed, when clearly, most do not support the law, and rightly so! We will have no one to blame, when the government shows up to your door, threating you with fines and jail, on anything it decrees if Obamacare is allowed to stand. Make no mistake…this is clearly about big government taking your liberties! And the door is open for more!

And what was the Obamunist reaction to the court ruling? A whimper of sound from Obama about it is only “one” court ruling, and nothing from Pelosi and Reid. Why? Because they immediately went to work to find more ways to force the law they rammed down America’s throats to further strangle our liberties. They will start crafting lies to the American people on the surface (using your tax dollars), while continuing their behind the closed-door deliberations to further erode our liberties. Do NOT think their silence is the same as them admitting to defeat.

Think that is far-fetched? Really, now. Well, yesterday Obama and his queen have mandated by decree that you as a parent don’t have a right as to how to feed your children in school. The queen came right out and said that you as a parent do not know what you are doing, and that your child’s nutrition is a matter a national security, therefore, subject to the federal government’s control. It’s LAW now people! Think that it will stay only applicable to schools? I guarantee you that before long, parents everywhere are going to start receiving nasty letters from the food police in schools, threatening them if their child is not fed in a certain way. Just wait.  The socialist-dem’s want to fundamentally change your life and shape it to their will, no matter what your objections may be. You had better believe they are doing it. The socialist’s do not apologize that they believe you are stupid (they tell you daily and you take it!), and that their socialist and elitist pseudo-intellectualism should be forced on you at all costs. Get used to being controlled, or fight it. Your choice for now, but it won’t be later. Mine? I will fight…

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 9, 2010

London Protests: Spoiled Brats Run Rampant

The “student” uprising in London these past few weeks into today, are one more glaring example of why socialism is always doomed to failure. The students of British colleges have taken, at the extreme opression of the British taxpayer, years of cheap tuition. Crushing tax rates can’t even support a tuition level, that is so far below the world level it is incredible. This spoiled reaction to inevitable change to unsustainable low tuition levels is typical of liberals. When their handouts are taken away, they react in a verbal and physical violent manner. Grow up youth of Britain, and take a business course or two so you can effectively understand how the world really works.

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