Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | October 26, 2009

Moral Outrage

Recently there was an article written that expressed the author’s views on why Americans should be less complacent, i.e., morally outraged, on the current course of America. Most of which I agree with, but will not comment on the entire piece at the moment. The one point that I do want to comment about, and the most relevent in my view, deals with how ridiculous it is that a minority of discontented (malcontents maybe?) people can change something the majority do not oppose. Not only do they not oppose, but would probably not give it a second thought, yet someone has to make a big deal out of nothing. Like the ACLU does. What a bunch of jerks. The group that represents all of the people whose little feelings are hurt, no matter how slight. They should remove the word American from their logo as there is absolutely nothing American about them.

An example of this stupidness is the fight to remove a cross that has been standing in the Mohave desert since 1934! Some angry person or persons who have been offended as of late, that the cross is there, wants it removed. Why? What is it that these people are so afraid of? What is it that could be so offensive? A symbol that represents good, decentcy, love, hope? If you are one whom has no faith in anything, keep it to your own miserable self! The cross is there because of a promise an individual made to a dying WWI veteran, that he would erect this in honour of all veterans. What is so offensive about that? Nothing. The people who challenge this, and other similar traditional icons of America, are just plain idiots who have nothing else to do. To use the excuse of separation of state is ludicrous. They get off being a thorn in the side of others and have all of their miserable lives. That is all this type of challenge is ever about, just wanting to be thorns.  There will always be such morons, but worse, this country should never have let a minority like them get away with useless tripe. The political and judicial creeps who allow these minority twerps to bring them to the fore should be replaced. But so many are not removed. Why? Because Americans have become complacent! Get rid of them! By not speaking up, you are condoning their actions.

The majority of individuals in this country are believers in the Christian faith. Or so they say. The same faith that this country was based on. The same faith that tens of thousands of veterans fought and died to protect. Slapping veterans in the face for their sacrifice is inexcusable.  Allowing idiots like these to decide the direction of America is even worse. So if you have a faith, call yourself Christian, it is time to practice what you think you believe.  Oh, and idiots and morons: GET A LIFE!



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