Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | October 26, 2009

Obama: Commander-in-Chicken

As of this writing, Obama has now vacillated for two months while our military languishes wondering why the hell they are in Afghanistan.  Gee, Obama, they are dying there to keep us safe here on the home front. Remember them? Oh yes, it is the War on Terrorism. You know, that phrase you want to white wash. Wait, you have white washed.

So what does Obama do? He delegates to of all the useless political drips, John Kerry. Old Swift Boat John. But why? He has an extremely competent General in charge over there that he picked himself! General McChrystal made a report on what he deems to be what he needs to get the job done over there in short order. And he should know. He has spent his whole life dedicated to his craft as a military man. And, by all accounts, he knows what he is doing. But the real issue here, is Obama is chicken. He is afraid that doing what is needed will conflict with the bleeding heart liberals out there. It will conflict with his true feeling of wanting to turn tail and run. Thereby making a mockery of those who have died over there. Obama thinks that sticking his nose in the ass of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, dictators around the world, and Russia and China, will get ‘real’ diplomatic progress. What an incredible joke that is nowhere close to being funny! America is in great danger because of Obama’s ridiculous view of the world, and his even more ridiculous view of America. America, as a result, is being laughed at and not considered worthy of respect. Just look at the missile deal reneged on by the Obama administration. We got nothing for this reversal! Thus, Russia just played us the fool where sanctions on Iran are needed, and China didn’t even blink over the issue. They just said flatly, no, to sanctions. Interpret that ‘no’ as ‘up yours’ Obama. Things should be starting to smell about now on your nose. Worse, we showed our allies, that we are not really trustworthy. Big, big, mistake Obama. It is no wonder the Taliban have become so emboldened lately. Another example? Going through the Spanish to get a message to Cuba? What the hell?

Men and women in the military, very likely have serious doubts about Obama’s abilities to be a true leader. Americans in general should doubt, too. Die hard voters for Obama would rather crap in their pants rather than admit they are wrong. But, that shouldn’t be too mysterious. After all, he is the leader of the ‘follower’ party. This is what happens when followers try to be leaders.



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