Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | October 27, 2009


It sure looks like Obama and his stooges tried to take a page out of Hugo Chavez’s book on dealing with the media, this past week. Good old Hugo actually shut down the media outlets he didn’t like. And, Obama, if he thought he could have gotten away with it, would have done that to Fox News, too. They had the stones to actually say that Fox News, who goes out of their way to present both sides of a topic, is not a news organization but an agenda platform for the Republicans! Tried to shut them out of press conferences, and get the other networks to go along with the idea! What a load of crap! If there ever was a ‘news’ organization that had an agenda it is MSNBC, CNN, ABC and their ultra-left leaning slobber. No wonder Fox News has more viewers than the other networks combined! What an embarrassing disgrace this President and his administration. What the hell were you thinking? The President is all too proud of his Harvard Law degree, although, it seems he missed the courses on Constitutional Law! Remember freedom of the press? You know, that thing that is essential to democracy.  If there was ever a defining moment, to show that this President is a socialist, that was the moment!

Be very afraid America. This is something that should never be taken lightly. Even the ultra-left leaning NY Times had to say something negative about the President over this debacle. Glad the Times have at least one scruple. Does anyone else see the parallels to the Nazi party? No, I’m not suggesting the President has death camps in mind, but he and his party are out to persecute. Who? Why you. The taxpayer. They are out to control you.

The Dummycraps are persecuting Americans in a variety of ways. By way of your wallet, and burgeoning government intrusiveness in your life. They think they know better than you how to run your lives. They want you to pay for everyone else’s problems. That is money that you could be investing into your retirement. Or maybe just a simple vacation, or new car that you need that you can’t have because you now have forced fees on the horizon and increased taxes in many different forms.

That is why Obamez showed his face. He doesn’ t like it when folks disagree with his ridiculous views. Even one of his aides was proud that their campaign manipulated the news: read – DECEIVED! For those of you who voted for these idiots – aren’t you proud? Feel stupid yet? I’ll bet we will see Obitler before too long.



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