Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | October 27, 2009

San Franfreako

Illegal aliens. Breaking federal law by just being here, and while here, many of them are breaking many other laws. Yet, San Francisco seems to think that they are above the law. There is nothing to justify the actions taken by these ‘politicians’ that can be remotely worth while. Their argument is that it preserves children and families. What a crock! The families of LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS should always come first! The LAWS of this nation should come first! LEGAL citizens are victims of many of these criminals, and San Francisco wants to protect them in their ‘sanctuary’? Voters of San Fran….get RID of THEM! Your freaks in office. Protectors of criminals.

Look at any major metro area’s police mugs that accrue daily and you can see what so many of them are doing here. Illegal’s comprise a large percentage of the serious crimes being committed. DUI’s, murder, gangs, drugs, etc. I have been hit twice by Mexican DUI drivers. Oh, I have never had an accident that was my fault (over 30 years of driving) in case you are wondering.

Look at the jobs they have cost being paid under the table, no taxes, no workman’s comp., etc. Then sending much of the money back to Mexico. Businesses operating legally cannot compete with that and many ultimately fold.  Mine did. There is a distinct need to prosecute the Americans that hire illegals, as well. They are just as guilty.

Look at the cost to legal Americans to pay for their medical care after they stiff the hospitals. Bringing disease into the country unchecked like TB. Their children in our schools, without contributing to the tax base to support them. Including the fact most don’t speak English. A waste of resources that legal American children suffer ultimately. Go ahead and ask a teacher for your own edification! You will get an ear full.

It is time for the Fed’s to take San Francisco down, by prosecuting those that protect illegals and withholding federal funds that the city now enjoys. I don’t want my tax dollars going to fund law breakers. But I almost forgot! Obama counts these same criminals as voters! So much for the Fed’s taking action.

 Ultimately, San Francisco’s population will have a major increase of serious crimes, among the lesser one’s, and then everyone will see what the backlash will bring. But it may be too late then, as illegals will be well entrenched. Enjoy San Fran. You will reap what you sow.



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