Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | October 28, 2009


What is it about these trailer-trash people who the federal government wants to continue funding? After multiple voter fraud cases, videos showing corruption, embezzlement, and the list goes on, there is not one good reason to continue sending my tax dollars to these cretins! What a bunch of liars and cheats!

Today, it has come out that the cut-off of funding to this group is only temporary?!? A big congressional slap in the taxpayers face. No wonder that self-aggrandizing woman, CEO Bertha Lewis, has kept her big mouth shut lately. She was probably told that if she shuts up, all will be better soon, and funding will resume. You know, that short memory of the public.

Meanwhile, we taxpayers were under the impression that congress was actually doing the responsible thing, and permanently revoking funding. Guess we are fooled again! Another example of the Dem’s contempt for what is decent and right.



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