Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | October 29, 2009

Old Glory

Why are there people in this country that want to abuse and deface our flag? Today, there was a story about it again. And, why does it seem that these stories seem to pop up during liberal majority administrations?

If you are one of those people who has a need to desecrate the symbol of our nation, a symbol that millions have sacrificed for the freedom to keep it flying – LEAVE!! If you are one of these you are an idiot! You show contempt, yet you don’t mind living in the greatest nation to ever grace this earth and all the comforts that come with living here. Comforts that people died by the thousands to establish, and to preserve, since our founding.

LEAVE and go live anywhere in the world and be sure to take a lot of our flags with you. That way you can burn, stomp, rip, whatever you want to do to them to your little brains content! Live anywhere and see how you really like being wherever it is that you chose. Because, I am willing to bet that it will not be long that in many countries you will not live long. For a variety of reasons, but mainly because you have no ‘rights’. In a lot of countries, maybe you will lose your fingers, a hand, an arm, etc., to a man wielding a sword in a public punishment. Because you were suspected of ‘tagging’ (spray painting) over a ‘important symbol’, burning, or some other defacement. Oh, and there was no trial to prove your guilt, it was because someone accused you in the simplest way. Indeed, maybe you were just ‘watching’ while the defacement took place, but oh well, someone accused you and someone must pay for the crime. You are guilty by association, right? In a lot of countries, you will only be allowed to live in certain areas, maybe because you are black, a Jew, or whatever you are that isn’t the ‘majority’. Your living conditions are subsistence levels only, because you do not deserve any amenities in the eyes of the majority in power. In many countries, you might be put in jail, for years, with no one to represent you, and no trial. You will have an excellent chance of dying in that jail, because you don’t have decent food, no sanitation, no medical care, not even a band-aid. The rats chew on you and roaches crawl in your mouth, while you try to sleep. But you will ‘demand’ better conditions right? Hear the laughter of your guards? In other countries, you will ‘disappear’. Never to be seen or heard from again. Why? Well, people will talk and speculate in low, guarded murmurs, that they thought they heard a rumor that you burned a flag. Too bad they will say. He should have been more careful! There will be no article in the local paper or tv news. No police report made for a missing person. Because, you don’t exist. No need to create a fuss over someone who doesn’t exist, right? My guess is that you really would want to burn, and deface those countries’ flags as you are about to be murdered, imprisoned, maimed, or all the above!

What? You say to hell with me, that your not going anywhere? You can do whatever you want? Screw me? Not giving up your toilet, home, freedoms? What a prick you are. Yes, you have those ‘rights’ here. You have the right to expect that I won’t have you shot for pissing me off, burning my countries flag. You have the right not to have your hand chopped off for spray painting over the flag of this the greatest of nations. Or, not being thrown in a squalid prison without a trial. 

Think about those things next time you want to destroy our flag! Remember, too, you are just a miserable punk. How sad you really are.



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