Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | October 29, 2009

Pelosipuke and Reidrage

Well it is no surprise that Pelosi and Reid have rammed through their ‘historic’ health care bills. With no real threat capability from the conservatives, it was bound to go through, even though the public showed its disdain for the matter. But Pelosi and Reid do not care what the public thinks, that is for sure. Their ‘historic legislation’ will not be historic for the reasons that they believe, though. No not by a long shot.

The real ‘historic’ view of this will be looked at as the moment the Dem’s, in their narrow-minded fury, will have slammed the door on thousands of jobs and small businesses. The moment that the government imposed their buy it or else threat, and increased taxes on the wealthy.  The businesses that survive will in turn pass on the extra cost to you and me, because it now will cost more to do business. So in effect, those increased prices for goods and services are another new tax. There will be a damper on the creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit which is a.k.a., the American Dream. Very simple model here, which is amazing that the Dem’s can’t see what is inevitable. Or, maybe they don’t care.  Yet, you and I can’t pass on the extra taxes we will have to pay and the ‘fees’ (read: extra taxes) if we don’t get the now mandatory insurance. We will just have to do without some things I guess. Another way of saying that this legislation will dampen the publics ability to purchase big-ticket items.

I can’t wait until these ‘fees’ and taxes hit the idiots who voted these people into office. I bet that they will wail the loudest. I will just laugh at them.



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