Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | October 31, 2009

Masked Mosque: Caring?

An ‘Imam’ shot to death by the FBI this week has ‘hundreds’ turn out for his funeral. Well, I hope the FBI took lots of photos, and maybe even some names of these attendees! Ridiculous, that so many would attend the funeral of such a character.

This fool fired at FBI agents while resisting arrest!  What is it about the muslim religion that apparently it is okay to resist arrest, and worse, with a firearm?!? This guy was characterized by his side as caring? Not apparently about the law. If this Abdullah, so-called Imam, was innocent of the charges the FBI were there to arrest him for, he should have just given up. A fair trial would have shown the truth. Innocent people do not fire weapons at Federal agents, or any other type law enforcement. His associates didn’t help the perception by running away to Canada either. They really are going to have a hard time fighting the weapons and stolen goods trafficing charges now.

So who are the ‘caring’ people who showed up for his funeral? Don’t they ‘care’ this Abdullah fool put a lot of innocent lives at stake? A disgusting group that must have been. His funeral should have been shunned. Is the actions taken by Abdullah and his ‘flock’ supposed to make me want to investigate becoming a muslim? All I see from muslims are violence. All I see are muslims that don’t speak out against the violence that muslims do in the name of their religion all over the world. Since muslims don’t speak out against the violence, I have to guess that they condone the violence, and that the muslim religion is based on violence. After all, almost daily, somewhere in the world, there is a muslim bombing muslims, a muslim flying planes into buildings, muslims enjoying killing, maiming, and on a mass scale. Not ‘caring’, love, and peace.  Christians don’t seem to behave this way. Buddhists, or any other major religion of this world don’t seem to have a need for such violence.

So the muslim community is apparently angered by this? From all I see, there is nothing to give me a reason to have any sympathy towards that community. In fact, I just don’t care.



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