Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 1, 2009

Open Letter: Take Heed America!

Mr. Klukowski writes an excellent article expressing my own feelings about the power grab and the general lack of caring, about what the Constitution allows and the American people feel, by the Dem’s in office. I encourage everyone to read his letter via the above link, as per his profession, is better than I at discussing Constitutional matters.

What I would add here, is the very disturbing appearance by a large number of voters in this Nation, accepting that it is okay to ignore the Constitution. That it is okay, to let the Federal government encroach more and more in your lives. That it is okay, somehow, to be forced to do the Dem’s bidding! It just infuriates me to be forced to do anything such as this health care legislation will do if it becomes ‘law’. And, suffer if you do not!

You say that you don’t feel that it is okay? Well, I can’t hear you!! You need to open your mouth and say so to your congressman. When Pelosi and Gibbs arrogantly dismissed a valid question from a reporter on the Constitutionality of forcing the average American to accept what Dem’s decree, I was shocked at the lack of follow-up, or outcry from the general public!

We do not live in a third world nation, nor are we sheep! People had better wake up to the arrogance of the current administration and their belief that they have the power to do what ever they want. Fortunately, Obama’s attempt to silence the most viewed news network in America suffered some backlash. But not enough in my view. See my ‘Obamez’ article for that commentary.

I hope that Americans, at the very least, are just being silent waiting for the next election to vote these arrogant jerks out of existence. But, we cannot wait for that America. We must let those in office hear the collective outrage of the populace. Before their ridiculous legislation passes and causes decades of effort to repair. If, indeed, it is repairable.



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