Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 2, 2009

Dem’s are Frantic

Tomorrow will be very interesting after all the votes are tallied. With key elections in both Virginia, New York, and New Jersey, Obama has taken a tremendous amount of time and effort from doing the people’s business to promote himself again. Oh yeah, John Corzine of New Jersey is in there somewhere.

No, Obama knows that Virginia is lost, and New York not quite as key to his agenda, so he uses the New Jersey election for Governor as a platform to promote the most important topic on his list: himself. Obama’s ego is so large he must think he is divine. Ridiculous the lengths he will go. As of this writing, Obama is making his third trip to New Jersey pulling out all the stops to sway voters of the state. Never mind our troops have been waiting for two months for Obama to make a decision just to send the much-needed troops to Afghanistan. Even if Corzine pulls out a victory over his Republican opponent; the race is sure to be very close in a very heavily Democrat state. So, if the Dem’s win, then Obama will try to use that to further his platform of Socialism. But, I still think he will lose huge momentum as the closeness of the vote shows a schism in the Dem’s party line. 

The New York race has a secondary ‘Republican’ candidate quitting and throwing her meager support behind the Democrat candidate. Supposedly a moderate, she is really a liberal that is just suffering from sour grapes. The money support in that state overwhelmingly going to her conservative rival simply because they saw through her disguise. The Dem’s party head lamely seizing the thin moment to try and say Republicans are squeezing out moderates. Well, poppycock, they were only exposing a liberal trying to deceive the voters.

The funny thing in all of this, is that the Dummycrap power mongers don’t even see the real issue in their frantic attempts to save the office’s up for grabs. That is the fact that it finally looks as though the voters that were dumb enough to put them in power are starting to wake up and notice that awful smell coming out of Washington. Send a message voters and flush the toilet.



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