Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 3, 2009

Parenthood Planned?

What an awful joke. The director of a Planned Parenthood organization branch has quit after seeing an ultrasound of an in-progress abortion. This woman, who is 29 years old, who has worked there for 8 years, has never seen/known what happens to a fetus when it’s life is ended? Really? That is very hard to believe, but maybe it is true.

I would not be surprised if Planned Parenthood doesn’t advertise what the actual procedure entails, there by keeping in the dark volunteers, workers, (and patients) who don’t seem to know exactly what is being done in the place they work. I mean, this information is only available when you seek it out or ask, right? Come on! I am sure that they all know, but how they justify it in their brains is beyond me. The one performing the procedure knows for sure. Now, I must say here, that if the woman, or young girl, was the victim of a criminal act, or her life is in jeopardy if the pregnancy is allowed to go full term; then I don’t have a problem with them aborting the fetus. It should be done as early in the pregnancy as possible. I don’t believe there is an excuse to perform late-term abortions in 99% of cases.

She described herself as at one time being ‘extremely pro-choice’ escorting women (and young girls) from their car to the facility to have their abortions. No doubt, also spreading their propoganda all during that time as well. Suddenly she is ‘spiritually changed’, so I guess it is better late than never.

One of the other reasons for her sudden reversal is that she claims that her bosses were pressuring her to increase the number of abortions as they are a high profit  source of revenue for their branches. That just discussing prevention, and the other services that this organization provides don’t bring in enough profit. No surprise there. Except to her. Just makes me wonder how many people are volunteering and working for these type organizations and do not have a clue as to what they are doing in reality.

Worse, is how many women are out there making extremely poor decisions causing the problem of this type of birth control. After all, a condom or birth control pill doesn’t kill babies.



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