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I.C.E. is Nice

For the first time since this nation’s massive illegal immigration problem became a major topic, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is taking a proactive stance. The agency has started to work more closely with local law enforcement instead of trying to act alone. The result of this new approach is showing what I have believed all along. In that a very large percentage of illegals arrested are criminals of varying degrees. ICE records that 45% of 35,000 illegals arrested during fiscal year 2009 were criminals. That is an increase of 23% over prior year. Of course, they all are criminals from the beginning in that their presence here is illegal by itself.  Previous to ICE’s new approach, they believed less than 30% of those arrested were of the criminal element. Getting down to serious business working with local law enforcement is an eye opener.

What is really ridiculous, is there are actually immigrant ‘rights’ groups out there that have the stones to complain about the ‘fear’ this new approach is causing in immigrant neighborhoods. This is almost unbelievable! I say almost, because it has become very apparent that even though illegals are just that – illegals – they really aren’t that afraid. They have liberals like those in San Francisco that actually write new laws for them that there is no problem to be a criminal. Just put up a big neon sign that says ‘ignore our laws’. ‘Don’t worry about it’. Outrageous!

ICE has a daunting task to complete in the rounding up of more than 500,000 illegals who are evading deportation orders! So I am supposed to think that illegals are living in ‘fear’? They aren’t afraid. That is a bad joke at best. But I hope they are in fear. I hope ICE not only continues the pressure, but increase the pressure. Illegals need to understand, once and for all, that flaunting the laws of this country cannot be tolerated. If you want to be here, then get in line, become legal, pay taxes. Then you will have ‘rights’. Otherwise, get out.




    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada used a procedural move to chop an amendment offered by Sen. Jeff Sessions that would have required unemployment compensation recipients to be verified through E-Verify. The working program accessed on any computer from Homeland Security, clearly can remove illegal alien workers, unless their documents prove otherwise by identifying their legal status at Social Security. A clear stand that Americans must be forced to compete with foreign labor. Simply speaking it just illustrates to me that he cares–ABSOLUTELY NOTHING–for the 15 million American Workers. Reid is more concerned with fulfilling his obligations to pariah businesses that want to hire illegal aliens instead of citizens and legal immigrants. We must keep pushing the Senate-House for a mandated-permanent E-Verify that cannot be rescinded by either party. SEE THE OTHER COLLABORATORS AT NUMBERSUSA, AND REMOVE A FEW FROM OFFICE IN 2010, INCLUDING SEN. REID. No question in my mind that these ruthless politicians, are out to derail E-Verify as they are/were in consultation with the Supreme court judges. You must wonder what tricks there up to, in seeking devious advise about the constitutionality of Arizona’s immigration enforcement laws. If these administrations have manipulated their own immigration laws, or ignored them altogether. Why should the government try to intimidate states, because the people got tired of nothing being seriously accomplished by those morons in Washington?

    It’s authorized for appropriations for three years, but that doesn’t mean these jokers in Washington cannot side-track of completely obliterate it? I will repeat that HS chief Janet Napolitano has made some excuse to weaken the 287 G, general police rights to question and arrest illegal aliens on the streets or higways, if they have been trained by the feds. Even ICE raids are down to a trickle, obviously softened by the Democratic leadership? Senators and Representatives are all suspect, so call them at 202-224-3121. Be aware of immigration issues and immigration enforcement grading at NUMBERSUSA, Learn about corruption lawsuits, including ACORN sleaze at JUDICIAL WATCH. AMNESTY means OVERPOPULATION that needs your urgent attention at CAPSWEB. Be armed with knowledge of the coming BLANKET AMNESTY and how it will effect your paycheck. Once the word goes out millions more indigent, uneducated neglected people will rush the borders, or overstay their tourist visas to reach US soil. My question is when uncountable numbers of foreign nationals arrive in America through the fence, what excuses are the open border fanatics going to explain that unimaginable crisis away?

    • Sounds like a wonderful idea! This is something I was not aware of, and would be a great tool to use in addition to other measures currently available.


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