Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 4, 2009

Yucca Succa

Obama has wasted your money again. After many years of construction and developement to the tune of over $13 billion. Obama has made it official that the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage facility is indeed now a waste. On the first anniversary of his election, he has made good on at least one campaign promise. What a waste Obama. The cost is going to keep growing to the tune of billions of dollars more in judgements, court costs, and settlements.

Do you, average taxpayer,  realize what is done with the waste at present? No? It is stored at each nuclear facility at a huge cost to you who buy their electricity. You have been taxed for decades to pay for the Yucca facility, on top of the cost to store at your local nuke plant. Nuclear waste cannot continue to be stored in this manner much longer.

The cheapest, cleanest way to produce energy for this nation is nuclear power. We need, and have needed, more of these plants built for that very reason. There needs to be a place (more than one maybe) to store this waste other than the plants themselves. So what is your suggestion now Obama? You say clean coal? There is no such thing Mr. Obama, but you don’t really care about that anyway. You just don’t want to upset your buddies/voters down at the miner’s union.

It is easy to whip out a pen and end a much-needed and costly project. You should have had an alternative plan ready to go at the same time. But that requires you to have put some thought into the problem. Not as simple as bowing to a few disgruntled people who live in the middle of a desert and placate your union friends. It will be interesting to see what favorable happenings start to take place for the coal industry in the near term. At the detriment of the nuclear industry which will start to see the closing of plants if a depository is not found soon.



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