Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 5, 2009

Abnormal Marriage Law

I almost feel sad for those abnormal minorities in this country that seem to feel they have a ‘right’ to have a ‘normal’ marriage. Even though they are a minority, they scream every year for this ‘right’. And, for every referendum presented, they have been resoundingly shot down by the voters. Every time! There are only six states with abnormal marriage laws, and they were laws forced on their populations by forced legislation and a judiciary making laws instead of interpreting them.

Face it, the American population does not want abnormal marriage laws. Over 50 attempts to have it voted in and they still don’t get the message. Always blaming someone or some group for their failure to win the vote. The majority has an understandable aversion to the abnormal behavior that goes with their lifestyle, and that is the reason they are defeated. Not some TV ad, or failure of a particular politician that is a supporter of their cause.  The only reason that abnormal are emboldened to bring about these referendums is that the liberals use them for votes, making their cause seem important. It’s not a healthy lifestyle, and is generally disgusting to us in the majority.  Their abnormal sex acts are nothing I want to have to try and explain to my children. But the abnormal don’t care about the majority and what they think, or how it affects their children. They will continue to push for the ‘right’ to be out in the open with their disgusting behavior that the majority don’t want to see any more than they want to see a man with a goat. Very selfish group at the very least.



  1. Today the state of Washington decided not on a ‘marriage law’ but an ‘anything but marriage law’. Well I know I won’t be visiting the state of Washington. Albeit a slim margin win, it sends a bad message to children of that state, and everywhere. But on the bright side, maybe all the abnormals will flock there now and shut up.


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