Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 5, 2009

Census for who?

The census for these United States of America is supposed to enumerate the legal citizens to ensure a representative democracy. That is how each state is apportioned a seat in Congress. Sounds simple, and, there are other things the census is used for like distribution of federal dollars. Since when is it to include illegals and other non-citizens to determine those things? This is wrong!

The Dem’s have used a variety of lame excuses for not including a line in the upcoming census asking for citizenship information. Including illegals and other non-citizens to determine how many seats a state gets in Congress sounds unconstitutional at the very least!

Why are the Dem’s so adamant to protect and include non-citizens? Obviously, they have a lot to gain! And, at the expense of you and me the tax burdened citizen.



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