Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 6, 2009

Judging Judges

In the last few decades, there has been the increasing trend of judges using their bully pulpit to make decisions, that in effect, make law. This is wrong and there needs to be something done to put an end to this.

Judges should interpret the laws as they are written! When they use their position to force their personal views, or empathise, into their decisions they then become policy makers. The first sign of this ridiculousness should be used to show these high paid people the door. They should be fired! Make no mistake.

The result of their empathetic decision-making takes away the choice of the voting public. It often wastes tax payer money, because many of their decisions end up being overturned by further legal proceedings that cost money and burden an already busy court system. Worse many of their decisions may not ever be overturned due to the politics they create. Many of these decisions amount to adding a footnote to the Constitution. That should never happen America!

It is not the job of a judge to drive a political agenda! But because it is seemingly allowed, it has become a favorite tool of politicians to appoint these rogues to Federal positions to further complicate judiciary processes. When a judge that is up for appointment to a Federal position, has a large number of their past controversial cases overturned; that says to me that this person should not be a judge at all! Especially not meriting a Federal appointment. Yet, that doesn’t stop many being appointed every year. This is shameful. A judge should never be considered left, moderate, or right of center. Those are political terms. As an individual they have the right to vote which ever is their choice. When sitting on a bench there is no room for their political leanings.



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