Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 10, 2009

Texting Tragedy

I imagine that most of us who have driven a car for any length of time, have come across a driver who is on their cell phone talking or texting. Those who are talking on their phones tend to be annoying at the very least. They will not use their turn signal indicator, or not notice a light change, or some other minor annoyance that should be ticketed. All too often drivers are not penalized for these minor offenses. The law is specific that a driver is to be in control of their vehicle at all times. Drivers who are texting tend to weave in and out of their lanes. I have seen drivers doing 80 m.p.h. while putting on makeup, reading the paper or a book, or going over paperwork for the meeting they are running late for, and on the phone!  It is just a natural extension that texting while driving is more and more common. As are the number of serious accidents.

Today, there is news of another ‘accident’ due to texting/cell phone use while driving. This one in Florida involved a 20-year-old man losing both of his legs as a result of another driver hitting his vehicle because the other person was driving while texting. It all comes down to selfishness of the one on the phone. That is what it boils down to at the very least.

I am sick and tired of selfish people who think their business is more important than the lives of my family.  Drivers on phones texting or talking, are distracted and not in full control of their vehicles. I have seen too many drivers run red lights, not use a turn signal, tailgate, and weave out of their lane of traffic, very often due to using a cell phone.

Driving while texting or phoning should be at least as serious an offense as DUI/DWI. There have been laws put into place recently to try to curb this ridiculous behavior, but they need to be tougher and there needs to be more enforcement. I, and my family, have discontinued talking on the phone while driving long ago. We will pull over if we feel the call we receive/make is important. It is time other people do the same.

But, with new cars coming from the factory with more and more potential distractions (GPS for one) built right in to their option packages, it is going to get worse before it gets better. We obviously do not live in a perfect world, and there is no such thing as perfect people. There is such a thing as respect and common courtesy for the lives of others. Something that is lacking these days.




  1. I do enjoy your comments and view!! It’s true that everyone somewhere down the path of life has forgotten that they are not the only ones on the road. It’s seems as though “most people” have their horse blinders on. It has become an unfortunate event that we have all become so selfish!! Nice Blog.


    • Thank you! Some day I hope to make the format of my blog as visually interesting to look at as yours and several other’s I have come across recently.


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