Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 12, 2009

Ignorant Voter

Sen. Reid is bursting at the seams again to take more tax money out or your wallets. While he and Pelosi are working overtime to draft ridiculous laws to save the bleeding hearts of the world, Reid is also working equally hard to pay for that garbage as well. Reid wants to increase taxes on the ‘wealthy’ who make a minimum $250K per year. They can afford it, right? Reid is probably hating the fact that he can’t tax those below that threshold since his fearless leader, Obama, stated he won’t do that. Why adhere to that particular campaign promise when not adhering to others? Because of the ‘ignorance vote’, that is why.

Yes, I am talking to you the voter that goes to the polls not knowing what consequences your vote will bring.  Need me to state that in more simple terms? Okay, I am saying you don’t have a clue what you are really doing when you vote. An example of the type person I am referring to: A friend of mine asked a woman standing  in line to vote during the last election what she thought of Obama’s VP pick, Sen. McCain. “Oh, I just love him”!

Reid and his fellow Dem’s want you, the average tax payer/voter guy, to think this is a fair tax, and will relieve you from having to pay anything. He wants you, the typical ‘poor’ trailer home guy, that you are going to get something for free! And you believe this readily, because you have some dislike for those who make more in a year than you will make in ten years.

Admit it. You resent the rich and what they have worked so hard to obtain. “Go ahead!”; you say, the average inner city Chicago voter. Make the ‘rich’ pay for my problems so that I don’t have to be responsible for myself. That way you can still ‘afford’ your ATV. That way you can still ‘afford’ your 22 inch rims (or bigger) for your car. And, get ‘free’ stuff from your good old Uncle Sam. I mean, why take that money to buy health care insurance, when you can buy the lastest four-wheeler, or bling rims for your ride? Uncle Sam will make sure ‘they’ will take care of you.

Well I have news for you. You will end up paying for these tax increases anyway! In the form of increased costs for the goods and services you have to pay for already. That’s right average tax payer/voter guy! Still think this is fair and funny? Yes, these ‘rich’ people who are unfairly bearing the burden of increased taxes are simply going to pass this cost on to you. Because they are the same people who own the businesses that you purchase your goods and services from right now! Still laughing?

 Do you really think that the ‘rich’ are going to take a loss of income? They will make up the shortfall from increased taxes by either increasing your costs at the cash register, or by laying you off from their employee roles. Maybe both of these options in many cases. And, remember! You, average tax payer/voter guy, wanted this as indicated by your vote. Yes you did.

Yes, because of your ignorance average tax payer guy/voter, we are all going to suffer needlessly under this administration. Do you want to have a better life, and keep more of your meager earnings? Get educated! Maybe then you will understand what you are doing to yourself when you go to the polls. Maybe then, you will understand that there is no ‘free’ ride. Maybe then, you will understand just what a bad joke you are to the people you vote in office. You have been used. What? Not laughing anymore?



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