Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 13, 2009

How ‘Bout Them Apple(s)

One of the reasons that I don’t own any products of consequence made by Apple, besides that I believe them to be over priced in general, is that their corporate leanings seem to be too liberal for my tastes. And, in the news today is what may well be a case of Apple showing they are afraid of a member of Congress! Namely Pelosi.

A small company, RG Entertainment who, among other business, developes app’s for Apple’s iPhone brand; had their newest app rejected by Apple for “objectionable” and “offensive” content. Ray Griggs who is CEO of RG Ent., is rightly miffed by the rejection. His app product, Bobble Rep – 111th Congress Edition is a one of the more useful and relevent app’s I have heard about for the iPhone. Smartly done, the app features caricature drawings of each member of Congress and their contact information. The drawings were done by Tom Richmond who has done work for Mad magazine.

Now what could be “objectionable” and “offensive” as Apple has stated? First, let’s understand that Apple reserves the right to reject app’s they find “obscene, pornographic, or defamatory”.  I think that is prudent; no problem there. After all, they have the right to be a responsible corporate entity. But, they use the Pelosi caricature drawing as what they deem “offensive” and the basis for their rejection. Well I have to agree, that any image of Pelosi is indeed offensive! Just the sight of her makes me angry, as I can’t find a single issue I agree with her about.  Apple looks at it from a different view, of course. Hubby Pelosi is a big stockholder of Apple stock. And, Mr. Griggs has been told this was one probable factor in the rejection of his company’s app.

Let’s talk about “offensive” for a moment. Mr. Griggs points out some of the app’s Apple has seen fit to approve include: “…that Apple has approved apps that simulate the sound of human flatulence, that let users make models out of human feces, and that create a bloody knife when the iPhone is shaken.” These are just a few of them. Remember the app where you had to shake the baby to keep it quiet? That one has been removed by Apple, but it was approved first! Come on Apple! Those are not considered offensive?

Mr. Grigg’s app would almost be a reason for me to buy an iPhone. The ability to call those in Congress with ease is a great idea! There are 540 people who really need to hear from Americans, and this app would make it very easy to do so when it is not that easy to do at present. No, I don’t believe Apple really found anything with this app a real problem in itself.

The worst thing about all of this is that it seems that Apple is afraid to make someone like Pelosi mad. That it might fear some retribution from a Congresswoman. Is this America? Or, is this Nazi Germany?




  1. Update: Apple has reversed their decision and has now approved Mr. Griggs’ app. Good job Apple. That was the right move.


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