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Sarah Palin Under Attack: Not Intimidated!

I wonder what the average American would do or say if their life was as scrutinized as Sarah Palin’s. So I want you, average American, to put yourself in her position and to think about how you might feel.

 Do you, the average American, think you would put up with a constantly unfair berating of your character on a national level? What would you do if people whom you have never met, were working day and night to find anything remotely negative about you to splash on a national news network? In the background these same people are snearing smugly at the job they think they have done so well, ‘exposing’ you in the smallest way. Photographing you in the most unflattering way to use as a backdrop on the national television news while ‘reporting’ on you (not your politics) and your family. Right on down to your grandchild.

Yes, that’s right average American, these folks are enjoying attacking your character and your family! It is their mission in life to make you look bad. Just is case you, average American, have not figured it out. These attacks are also known as intimidation! The very same kind of intimidation that the Brown Shirts of Germany used in the 1930’s. What? You think that is far-fetched? Crazy? Really? Then you are a fool not to see. You are doomed to repeat history because you don’t know or remember history. Today’s version of intimidation in America just doesn’t include the arson and public beatings that the Nazi’s used as part of their intimidation. That is the only difference. Just the same, the powers’ that be are doing whatever they can to try and make sure that Sarah Palin is intimidated into retreating from the national political scene. Correlate that to Brown Shirts telling you not to do business with the Jews so they can push the Jews out of view.

I have been astounded at the lack of respect for people in general that has surfaced in the last year. It is apparently okay now to smear someone’s character at any time or for any small reason, especially if you are running for public office, or even commenting on politics. Sarah Palin has people all over this country whom she has never met that actually hate her! And for what? Because she had the guts to run for public office and serve her country? Where does this kind of thinking come from? 

In my view, the national media is the reason for a lot of this irresponsible line of thought. The relative few are using their national pulpits to push their thinking. And they are laughing. Laughing at you, average American, because you are so easily pushed over! Too many of you, average Americans, are sheep. What ever the powers that be tell you to think, you flock and follow.

If you, average American, are wanting to run for office you should expect a reasonable amount of scrutiny. Voters of this nation should have information about a candidate to make sure that they are law-abiding citizens worthy to serve our nation. But personal attacks and tactics that amount to intimidation should never be condoned or allowed!

Why do I call it intimidation? Because, the tactics used constantly against Sarah Palin by the media are not used equally against all candidates, conservative and liberal. Just like Brown Shirts didn’t use their tactics against anyone other than Jews or those that sympathized with Jews. The bottom line is that, like the Brown Shirts, the media wants you to follow only their liberal line of thought. If you don’t follow media’s liberal thinking, like Sarah Palin doesn’t, and you want to run for national office, then you are going to be intimidated. Have you, average American, seen these tactics applied to Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, or Franks? Not to any degree like that of Palin.

The latest cover of a nationally known ‘news’ magazine shows a photo of Sarah Palin in shorts and pigtails! That is nothing short of disrespect and a form of intimidation. Placing that photo on the cover, that was taken out of context, is that rag’ of a magazine’s way of telling you to not take Sarah Palin seriously. You will not see this magazine do that to any of the liberal politicians. Why doesn’t the national media put a photo showing Franks and his ‘life partner’ in an intimate way on a cover? I guess we should be grateful they didn’t show Ms. Clinton or Ms. Pelosi in a similar light!

For the record, I do like Sarah Palin’s political views. Also for the record, I do not like most of Hillary Clinton’s political views. But, I don’t believe that Clinton should be personally attacked and intimidated just because I don’t care for her political views. Both women are smart, intelligent, and articulate. They deserve respect for the offices they held, currently hold, or have run a campaign for in the past or present. Even though Palin has not declared that she is a candidate in the future for any political office, the media is afraid of the possibility.

Sure, Clinton has garnered to negative press that she should not have had to endure. But, nothing like that which is Palin has been subjected. It has been a full year since the election, yet there has not been a month where Palin is not pursued on a personal level. This just shows me that the national media, and Americans that condone their line of thinking,  are afraid of Sarah Palin because she has the combination of being honest, smart, intelligent, and competent.  And, on top of all that, she is not going to be intimidated. Seems to me that is what you want to represent us in government!

Today, there is news that the AP has an 11 member team trying to check for accuracy of facts in Palin’s new book! What is the real reason for that? To make a glowing report of Sarah Palin and how great her accuracy on the facts? Please! Why didn’t they do that for Obama’s or Biden’s books? Oh, you know why. I wonder if the AP team members are wearing brown shirts?



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