Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 19, 2009

Big Easy Wins: Taxpayer Loses

Well, some liberal judge has just awarded what will amount to billions of dollars to residents of New Orleans. Ruling claims that the Army Corps. of Engineers are negligent for not making sure that the town didn’t flood during Katrina. Last I checked, Mother Nature always wins! Especially considering that the Corps was trying to protect a hole in the ground surrounded by water.

This ruling should have gone the other way. We the taxpayer should bill everyone that lives in New Orleans as it is their choice to live in nasty below sea level bowl! Bill them for keeping up the dirt walls that keep them dry under normal weather.

The reason so many people died in that storm is that they were negligent themselves. They did not heed warnings that preceded well in advance of the storms to leave! How stupid is that? When you live in a bowl below sea level with a storm like that on the way, you get out! Is that not so elementary that it is difficult to figure out? This isn’t rocket science folks! The audacity to blame President Bush, too! It was not his, nor the Federal Government’s fault that the residents of New Orleans chose to live in a hole. It was not Bush’s fault that so many people died and or lost property. Apparently it is the taxpayer’s fault now.

If you chose to live in a sunken bowl, surrounded by water: then, that should be your risk! Not mine. Yet, the taxpayer is now on the hook for billions so these less than intelligent people can replace their possessions and wait to lose them again in the next hurricane.



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