Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 24, 2009

The Grateful Immigrant

Today I ran across a blog, by chance, of an individual that is immigrating to this great land of ours. I instantly felt that it should somehow become required reading for all that are disgruntled with America and especially for those here illegally.

To sum up her post, she tells of how her own parents survive the Holocaust and fled Europe to South America. She notes in her blog how her parents reached a foreign land and learned new customs and assimilated themselves to become successful and raise their family. Not an easy task to be sure.

Now due to unrest, and the poor direction Venezuela is taking, the author of that post finds herself  and her family needing to immigrate. She discusses in perfect English (better than mine!) her love for America, her admiration for America, and her longing to be an American. A very eloquent lady.

I was moved to comment on her blog post that I admired her. That she and her family would be welcomed with open arms by most Americans. Indeed, those that would not are not significant anyway. She and her family will, I have no doubt, contribute to this country in only the most positive ways! 

So come on with your family and prosper. This country needs more like you as we will only benefit from your positive attitude.



  1. A positive side of the American Society throughout History has been its acceptance of immigrants. In difficult times, societies tend to be overprotective of its citizens and overcautious of people who want to come to their shores. Immigrants help societies to freshen up with their new input, and the end result is a population that is a mixture of all of its ancestors.
    In our blog THE IMMIGRANT, we try to help immigrants adapt and blend into a new society, make it easier for them to develop a sense of belonging in their new home.
    Thank you very much for your kind words about the article “I like being an immigrant”


    • You are welcome. Blending in as you put it is always at the point of cautiousness. There are many that come here that, by their very nature, do not truly blend. They use the ‘blending’ as a screen, and, are really here to harm. So, in ‘difficult times’, or prosperous, caution is warranted. If the immigrant is here to raise families, contribute, prosper, and generally act in accordance with what is the American way, then fine. They can still bring aspects of their backgrounds that ‘freshen up’ our society. Without detailing specific areas of the world, there are certain demographics that rarely bring harm, and other’s that do regularly. Which is a shame for the one’s that share that demographic, but would not bring harm. Sort of ‘guilty by association’, thereby bringing greater scrutiny upon them. So I will ask you; what demographic do you cater to, and how do you help them ‘adapt and blend’?


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