Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 27, 2009

Chicken Liberals to “Spank” Obama

The Dem’s are going to ‘spank’  Obama for his so-called decision to send more troops to Afghanistan next year? I find this to be more than hilarious. It has taken Obama three months to even get to the point where he will announce his decision. I said in October that our Commander-in-Chicken was stalling and I knew all along it was because he was afraid of his own party.

What are the liberal’s going to do to punish Obama? Withhold some pork-barrel spending somewhere? They couldn’t stop spending taxpayer money if their lives depended on doing so. Are the liberal’s going to change their misguided votes on their ridiculous Health care bill? Hell no. Wait, are the liberals going to suddenly start to listen to the majority of Americans instead of ramming legislation down our throats? Not going to happen. So what then?

Better yet, what is the real reason that liberal’s are so afraid to fight? There is no rational reason that the chicken liberals can justify not being in Afghanistan or Iraq. We have a volunteer military folks. The young men and women who sign up to join our military services do so willingly. They are well aware that they have a better than even chance of being sent to fight a war! These are brave Americans that we should all be very thankful are willing to serve our country.

We are not in Vietnam where we had a draft forcing  men to a war that had no clear agenda, with no clear support from the White House. There is nothing similar to compare today’s war with a war of yesteryear. Get over your hippy lunacy! Go back to your den and smoke your dope. Leave the important things like keeping normal Americans safe from terrorist attacks to people who have guts and fortitude.

Remember that we were attacked on 9/11. You do remember don’t you? You remember the thousands of lives lost that day? I truly wonder. If we do not seek out the enemy on their own soil, they will surely bring their war to our soil again. Liberals, they spit in the faces of those victims and their families when they do not support our need for military action against our enemies.



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