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Global Warming Bandwagon Has A Flat Tire

The planet we call Earth is generally accepted to be around 4 billion years in age. I don’t know about you, but to me that is quite a large amount of time. So much so, that we, at this juncture, are a mere blip in time. Draw a line with 4 billion divisions, and mark around 70,000 of them and you would hardly notice the mark. Modern man has only been on the scene about that long. For years, alarmists, have been trying to convince the world that man in the last 157 years out of approximately 70,000, has somehow been able to cause a global adverse shift in weather.

This is sheer arrogance. To suggest that in 157 years, man is capable of this is ludicrous. To suggest that scientists have a clue just what our planet has gone through weather-wise over 4 billion years is just as ludicrous. All that is ‘known’ is that we have had ice ages and periods of warmer weather. An example of the limits of scientific knowledge was a recent discovery of undersea life that thrives and exists without sunlight. Prior to this very recent discovery, it was ‘known’ that life had to have sunlight to exist on our planet. Prior to this recent discovery a scientist would have laughed at you if you said life can come about to exist and thrive without sunlight.

And, how do you propagate this arrogant and ridiculous global warming ‘science’? You convince weak-minded, arrogant people in a position to push it to a global frenzy. Namely, politicians like Gore, and self-important Hollywood actor types. They are the best way to get out such a message and, at the same time, not worry about them questioning your data. Isn’t that nice and neat? Worse, it doesn’t take long for ‘credible’ agencies like National Geographic, and similar groups to jump on the wagon and give the idea even more relevance.

This is where things start to spiral out of control, as there are way too many people on this earth that are just too willing to believe the global warming story without questioning anything. These are your PETA idiots, Greenpeace idiots, and the like, that are no better than extremists, many of which should be jailed for their activities.  They would all rather humans didn’t exist at all, and are just moronic.

Now there is one more ingredient that goes into this story – fraud. The data that was used to ‘scientifically’ validate that there is a real global threat was made up! This could be the single largest joke in the last 100 years, but I am not laughing. Neither should you.  The reason you should not find any humor in this is it is going to cost you a lot of money. You are going to have to pay for huge changes that will affect your life, that will come from modifications forced on industry.

The upcoming summit in Copenhagen is the culmination of all the last two decades of global warming hysteria. All of it based on faulty, if not fraudulent, data! Here it is going to be decided as to what is going to be forced on industry to curb these imaginary problems. One such mandate example from this ridiculous climate summit, is an 80% reduction in carbon emissions from our industry in America. That folks, is going to cost you a huge amount of money.

What is even more lopsided about this summit, is that countries such as Russia and China are not going to abide by these mandates. Even if the global warming story was valid, without Russia and China participating no solution could be reached. So you have Americans being forced to go it alone, paying huge sums of money out of an individual’s income, to solve a non-existent problem, that is based on fraudulent data. This is at best stupid!

There is no doubt, having said all of the above, that there is a need to be responsible for the amount of pollution that humans create. But, that does not mean we need to lose all reason and sanity in the process! Copenhagen is not going to do anything except to promote fraud. There should be easier ways to be responsible without costing the average American, that is already heavily burdened with the monetary cost of living. The average new automobile in America today is 95% more efficient in the reduction of pollutants than they were in 1970. That is a good thing, but it has come with a huge cost as seen in the price of a car today compared to one of 1970.

It is amazing that the Copenhagen summit has not even acknowledged the fact that the data used is fraudulent for their whole premise. These people, in their arrogance, are going ahead in spite of the facts. Why? Because of one simple over-riding fact. There is a lot of money to be made! I have been talking about the fact that it is going to cost you money. The other side of the coin is where that money is going. It will line the pockets of a relative few, it will propagate the lunacy of the U. N., and it will bring in funds for more ‘research’ for the frauds that started this mess in the first place.

Finally, the scientific community that is best able to discuss climate change, adverse or otherwise, is that which is made up of geologists! Not meteorologists and climate modelers that started this fraud. They will tell you that there has been and always will be climate change, and that it is unpredictable for either the long-term or short-term. Man’s influence on weather is negligible at best. The world should stand up against unnecessary additional monetary costs and make the believers of global warming prove their case first. So far proof is lacking to say the least.



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