Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 1, 2009

Codepink Is Ignorant And Irrelevant

Who are the group Codepink? After hearing, for the first time, their fearless leader talk today on a national news program about how they feel the U. S. should be isolationist, I really shouldn’t care. The magnitude of her and her group’s ignorance needs to be addressed, because, it is dangerous not to do so.

I am continually amazed that there are so many out there that have absolutely no apparent knowledge of history. Worse, their liberal views are bent on weakening our nation’s stance in this world for reasons that are never really stated clearly, nor are they thought through. It’s like a knee-jerk reaction for them. Are these liberal types of the belief that freedom is just automatically always going to be here to enjoy? America would not exist, nor the freedoms we enjoy, if people and groups such as this one were present in any quantity at the beginning of our nation.

Clearly, ideally, no one wants war. It is, obviously, a nasty business. It is unfortunate that war happens as often as it does. But, you can’t put your head in the ground and hope that words will keep us free! There are consequences for not having our heads up militarily, with several examples listed right in the history books. Although, I will make it easy for you Codepink; they are little problems like Tojo, Stalin, Hitler, etc. Oh, since you don’t read and learn from history, maybe you remember bin Laden? He was in the news recently on your television…

Isolationism is nothing more than an invitation to any enemy of the U. S., known or unknown, to carry out attacks against our interests. Our interests are not just protected territories or our soil, but every other nation on this earth. When there are adverse influences on nations that can seriously disrupt the functioning of our own sovereignty, we need to be in a position to respond. Apparently, Codepink seems to believe that mere dialog with our enemies will keep us safe. They think, as there spokeswomen said today, that “strength at home” is all we need. That is just plain ridiculous! Had we been ready at the onset of WWII, there would have been a lot less loss of life. Instead, we had to take two years to gear up while at the same time we were fighting! Codepink has apparently never heard the term “being caught flat-footed”, and that it is not a good thing.

I agree, though, we need to strengthen our borders, but to stop there is stupid. This women sitting in her pink trimmed, pink lettered shirt, in a comfortable studio somewhere, seems to forget that she can think and talk like that for a reason. It is called freedom! It is there for her to spew her drivel because of many brave men who died on foreign soil to protect that freedom. Lady, you have opened your mouth on a national forum, exercised you ‘right of freedom’ to do so, and now you just need to shut up and not embarrass yourselves’ again. You and your group are ignorant and irrelevant. Worse, your thinking is dangerous.



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