Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 2, 2009

App’s For Human Trafficking

It looks like Apple Corp is at it again, and I am sure they are so proud, too. A few days back I called them down for refusing to approve an app that would let people reach their congressional representatives easily. After much public pressure, Apple relented and went ahead and approved the app. So, good for them they did the right thing in the end.

Now, an app, approved by Apple without any problem, helps illegal aliens to break the law. Some bleeding heart liberal professor has developed this app to aid lawbreakers enter our country in the ‘safest’ way possible. Another example of  how liberals don’t support the rule of law in our nation. Now, do I believe that any of these illegals are going to use such an app? No, if any it will be the one’s that are human trafficking for money.

So, Mr. Professor who developed this ridiculous app. You can be proud that your work, approved without reservation by Apple, will aid in the human misery that occurs daily around our southern border. Don’t forget to write and tell your mother! She will be so proud, too! I can see her beaming face now. Maybe you can develope your next app to count how many illegals are murdered, die in hidden containers, or die of thirst in the desert using this stupid app!

Why don’t you, Mr. Liberal Professor, develope an app that directs would-be illegals to the steps that will allow them to legally enter our nation? Oh yeah, that would mean helping people to follow the rule of law. How un-liberal that would be.



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