Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 3, 2009

Boxer Opens Mouth, Inserts…

…fraudulent climate data! Sen. Boxer is a sore loser. So ready to tax America into oblivion because she bought hook, line, and sinker, the ridiculous global warming scam.

She can’t admit she was way off base like the rest who bought into the global warming mess, so she wants to entertain prosecuting those that leaked the fraudulent data. Sour grapes Barbara?

Well good luck! What you call hackers, I call heros. They should be given a medal for exposing this garbage. Who says that the data was hacked, by the way, Barbara? Seems to me it was more likely leaked by someone with a conscience. There is no evidence that the emails were hacked, and if they were, again, they did us all a tremendous favor.

Boxer in her true liberal stance would rather accuse someone of criminal activity, and prosecute them, than admit that she and her kind bit off a lot of rancid crow that was going to cost the American taxpayers trillions of dollars. Are you so rabid to spend tax dollars that you can’t see how great it is the exposing of this fraud? The quote you give is “This is a crime”.

No Boxer, what is ‘criminal’ here is you! You, and those like you, should be run out of office without benefit of a rail. That includes Al Gore, who is the poster boy for this fraud. It is criminal that you would tax us into the ground so readily. I’d say look in the mirror to see who is criminal, but you have no reflection.



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