Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 7, 2009

What Do Neo-Nazi And Makeup Have In Common?

Taxpayer’s that’s what! It is getting so deep in garbage now, one almost needs a shovel! Just in today’s news is another ridiculous example of what is wrong with so much in America today.

A Florida court (taxpayers!) paying $150 per day to apply makeup to a Neo-Nazi, on trial for first degree murder and attempted murder, to cover his racist tattoos! Ostensibly to give this fool a fair trial!

Since his arrest in 2006, three years ago, he has added to his repertoire of inked racist tripe. Thereby going out of his way to advertise his racist thinking, thus, showing he is not remorseful for his hate.

It should not be the taxpayer’s responsibility to protect this idiot from his own stupidity. Guilty or not.



  1. Dear Lord! Where is the common sense? BB


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