Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 7, 2009

WWII Vets: What Are Your Thoughts On America Today?

It is almost the end of the day, the end of the 68th year. December 7th, 1941 was the beginning of America’s official involvement in WWII.

Today, like every December 7th, I think with proud feelings about the service that the men and women of this nation rendered during those times. With some emotion, I silently reflect on the monumental loss of life, and the overall sacrifices made by that generation. I have tremendous respect and gratitude for those sacrifices. I am saddened by the number I see daily in the obituaries, that proudly list their service during those times.

Alarmingly to me, I see the freedoms that those brave souls fought for this county to keep, being eroded in the present-day with a fervor I never would have thought possible. I could not stop thinking throughout the day, wondering what those veterans think about concerning what is happening in America today.

So, if you were a veteran of WWII, I would like to know what your thoughts are as to the direction of our country today. Would you fight with the same convictions now as you did then?

I know there are many that have served in later wars that may (more likely) see this, and you are certainly welcome to comment, too. I am just as proud and grateful of your service to this nation as well.



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