Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 8, 2009

EPA Is A Fraud Too?

I couldn’t help but notice the woman speaking for the EPA could not  keep a straight face on national television, nor look at the people she was addressing when declaring that CO2 emissions are now officially bad for breathing. There is a good reason she couldn’t look people in the eye and looked somewhat arrogant. She works for Obama. Notice I didn’t say the American people.

In the last week she was questioned by senators wanting to know if the EPA was going to use the now debunked climate-gate data in their findings for their greenhouse gas declaration that was then upcoming. After much delay in answering the question, she boldly said yes!

Wow! There is no limit to the Obama administration’s arrogance and crookedness. Even though Cap and Trade should be all but dead due to the Climate-gate fraud, Obama’s cronies are going to ram down the American throats regulation that defies any semblance of intelligence. So get ready (your wallets), if you can, America! You are going to be regulated to death soon.

You will see a large number of lawsuits to challenge the upcoming regulation; the cost of which will be passed on to you and me, of course. Obamunist’s will introduce numerous mandates in the mean time, to make it even harder to avert the regulations that will be forthcoming. This will stretch out the lawsuits – well, you see that this is Obamunist style politics. Pass something wildly ridiculous and unpopular, then introduce a flurry of mandates tied to that legislation to muddy the water. Basically, this says ‘up yours’ (again) to the American people in the form of more taxes and energy costs.



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