Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 10, 2009

I’ve Been A Victim Of Liberal Censorship: No Surprise

Woke up this morning to check my blog activity, and noticed after a few minutes that there were three liberal blogs that had censored my comments! This is very telling, as I have seen this trend with the Obamunists in the mainstream media, so goes the little pundits on their liberal blogs.

Two of the three, completely deleted the blog that I commented on. The thing of note to me in all of them, was that their liberal idealism which was spewed so loquaciously; I rebutted with logic and common sense they could not argue effectively. I have never censored anyone’s comments save for spammers, and those who lower themselves to be profane with their language. Nor do I resort to another Obamunist tactic, the demeaning personal attack that so many liberals seem to enjoy. So there is no valid reason for deleting my comments.

I guess if you can’t win the argument, or you can’t stand that someone does not agree with your view, you erase them from view? Again, this is very much the Obamunist way, and underscores just how sad these people really are.



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