Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 11, 2009

ACORN: Entitled To Be Corrupt?

Another ‘proud’ moment for American taxpayers today. A federal judge has decided that it was unconstitutional  to deny funding to the corrupt organization because they did not receive due process.

Even though ACORN has been exposed time and again to show that they do not deserve your tax dollars, they get better legal representation than an individual would, given the same circumstances. Does our money pay for their lawsuit? Just add insult to injury if that is true.

This ridiculously racist, biased, and generally corrupt agency has scored a coup of sorts by winning this lawsuit. Fine, so be it. But only for the moment. The Justice Dept. is reviewing the ruling and made no comment.

This group has abused your tax funding over and over in the most blatant fashion knowing they were going to be protected by their liberal friends in office. They have shown their bias organizing as an arm for liberals in politics, implicated in massive voter-registration fraud, including overt rally’s directly calling for their members to vote for Obama during this last election. Millions of tax dollars are missing and presumed embezzled. Sensitive records irresponsibly tossed in the trash that could be used for identity theft. And, of course, the now infamous multiple video recorded scandal from earlier this year showing the group’s willingness to ignore underage prostitution.

Bertha Lewis, their evidently fearless, and unrepentant CEO, has the nerve to state;  “Today’s ruling is a victory for the constitutional rights for all Americans and for the citizens who work through ACORN to improve their communities and promote responsible lending and homeownership.”

That statement is nothing more than an arrogant, misdirection of the greater truth, that borders on a lie. Who do you think you are trying to fool, Lewis? To say that you work for all Americans, and as if your only business is lending and homeownership? Responsibly done? As if your employees register legal (real) citizens to vote in a non-biased manner? An incredibly ludicrous statement in view of the nationally televised facts to the contrary.

The Justice Dept. should not waste time reviewing this ruling for a possible appeal. Not for a minute. Instead, they should now expedite their investigations into this fraudulent organization, to bring to an end to the taxpayer funding of corruption as soon as possible. If this group is entitled to due process, then let’s give it to them! ACORN has shown throughout their exposed troubles that they are not going to correct their transgressions, as evidenced by their CEO’s consistent unwillingness to take responsibility for their obvious misdeeds. Enough is enough.



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