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Obama’s Nobel Save The World Speech

Obama’s speech accepting the Nobel Peace prize was not too bad. I imagine it must have been really tough for his speech writers to find the right words to accept something so spectacular, when Obama did nothing to deserve the award in the first place.  So give his writers and handlers a round of applause for admitting that he didn’t deserve it early on in the speech.

Full of Obama’s dreams for world peace, where everyone is holding hands, happy to be taxed to the socialistic hilt, and nuclear weapon free. Yes, in his speech Obama stated that he was going to do whatever it takes to weaken America even more. This was where I think Obama went too far by giving our enemies hope. Even though the speech did, grudgingly, discuss why we need to be in Afghanistan.

Not only is Obama going to weaken America by spending us into oblivion, owing China and everyone else our first-born children. Obama says that he is working with Medvedev to reduce our respective nuclear weapons cache. This is at best a bad joke, as Medvedev has no real power in Russian politics. Putin still has a strong leash around Russian political necks. Putin is not going to let anything happen to his missiles as long as he holds the political cards.

Remember, Obama has already showed his weakness to the Russians by running from them on the matter of a missile shield in Europe! We got nothing for caving in on that deal! So, there is absolutely no reason to think that Obama has what it takes to negotiate a weapon’ s reduction treaty. Every reason to be frightened at the damage he can do to American’s position. In past decades, liberal Presidents have signed treaties doing just that type of thing. Invariably, we have had to rush to repair the damage caused by reduction treaties, in later administrations, because of the North Korea’s and Iran’s of the world for example.

In fact, there is the problem of unstable punk nations like North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan. The former two are laughing at the idea of a nuclear free America that they can then blast out of existence. They will not hesitate to use their nuclear arsenal on anyone they see as weak. The only reason North Korea hasn’t used their nuclear weapons is because a strong America has been there to keep them in check. The latter, Pakistan, is so weak that without America’s hand in their pie, their nuclear stock pile will no doubt fall into Taliban or Al Qaeda hands.

If Obama wants to bring the world closer to any kind of peace, he needs to do the right things on the home front first. Obama needs to stop this incredible spending spree that does nothing but strangle business and put us in extreme debt. He needs to reduce taxes overall, and stop the liberal penchant for regulation of industry. These are just for starters, but nothing will bring peace to a world faster than a robust economy. American prosperity in business brought down the Berlin wall as much as did Reagan’s increase in military strength.

That’s right, we can out prosper our enemies. I guarantee you that Iranian’s would rather have a good pair of blue jeans than a bomb vest! Even a backwards nation such as Afghanistan can be brought around to more of a democracy, when their population sees that they can better themselves,  using the same model as America uses.  Make no mistake. Developing nations want nothing more than to prosper, too. America is normally the one nation that can facilitate the increase in prosperity of developing nations through a thriving business climate. Business can actually turn an oppressive, militaristic nation around because of the population’s desire to better themselves. China is a prime example of that philosophy. None of that can happen when there is a choking liberal grip around American throats.



  1. Agree neither Russia or China will act in our defense. But they will act in their own defense and both are hated by the Taliban so they will not allow the Taliban to get control of nukes.

    As far as getting rid of extremist I don’t feel this is our problem or what we should be doing. Not at the expense of American lives certainly. we would be better served to bring our troops home and use them to secure our own borders!

    The extremist you are speaking of have been killing each other off for centuries and will continue to do so without our help. bin Ladin is the only extremist we have to be concerned with and he won’t come out and fight us anywhere but on American soil. al Qaeda even in the middle East is a hated group that is only tolerated and used by the war lords in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Even in the Middle East al Qaeda is hated and again used by the two Muslim groups in Iraq to fight each other. These people have been fighting each other for 1500 years and will continue long after the US leaves the area. And eventually bin ladin will die or get killed and the terrorist movement against the US from al Qaeda will stop.

    The overall Muslim jihad and desire for world domination however is the real war and it must be fought on the home front not over there. The United States will be terrorized by so-called homegrown terrorist whom we are now importing by the thousands by allowing Muslims into this country and then allowing the terrorists activities to continue. Europe has almost been conqured by their imported and homegrown Muslim terrorist. The people are just now waking up and starting to fight back but it may be too late.

    Agree the military has nothing but contempt for Obama, but he is demoralizing the troops by sending them into a place they know they have no business being and then demanding they do a job he refuses to give them the man power they need to do it. No one ever asks the common soldier what is going on and he is the only one who knows because he is the one who is in contact with the natives.

    He will only need one term to permanently damage a great nation iu am afraid. Obama with the help of the fanatics in congress. Have you had a look at the latest spending bill? BB

  2. You know I have never thought we needed to be in the snake pit of Afghanistan/Pakistan. NEVER. That area is living in the 5th. century and will never be brought into the modern world or understood by modern man. The tribes team up to beat every invader that has ever come into their territory, and then they split up again to continue fighting each other. The boy children have weapons placed in their hands as soon as they can hold them and the girl children are impregnated as soon as possible to give birth to more boy warriors. This is their culture; their only cultural belief is war and hate.

    Yes, Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons, but I feel China and Russia will keep them under control if things begin to truly get out of control. China and Russia allowed India, Pakistan and North Korea to get nuclear weapons as a “poke in the eye” to the United States and Europe so now let them deal with their mistake. Russia knows they will be a primary target of the Pakistani Taliban if the terrorist ever get their hands on the weapons. There is much hate there. The same applies to China. The Taliban on the other hand really were not involved with the United States until we invaded their territory. For eight years Bush was just staying on in a holding pattern to keep al Queda in check and I believe the eventual intent was to pull out of the area all together.

    The only thing Obama is achieving by escalating the war in this area is destroying the American military. Of course this is his goal because the military will be his ultimate foe when push comes to shove and it is defending the Constitution or defending Obama. DHS Sec. Napolitano was correct in warning against returning American soldiers as being a threat to Obama’s government because these soldiers will not stand by and allow the Constitution they have vowed to defend with their lives be destroyed.

    Now Iraq on the other hand was a necessary invasion. Not for the reason President Bush gave but because the world leaders knew Iran was going nuclear at a rapid pace and the United States needed troops on the ground in that area to have a rapid response to Iran when the time came. Invading Iraq was the logical choice as Saddam was hated by all his neighbors and it was safe to invade with the approval if not the support of the other Arab states in the area.

    Bush and Blair gave WMD’s as the reason for the invasion. And of course Saddam did have WMDs. He also had months in which to get them into Syrian hands also, which is what he did. Why wasn’t the world told the truth about the invasion?
    There would have been absolutely no support for the invasion if the true had been told. After all the rest of the world leaders did not support the effort even knowing the danger of Iran and the need to be on hand in the area ready to take action, so how would Bush and Blair have gotten Congress and Parliament to agree by admitting the over all strategic necessity? Have you noticed that Obama who was so determined to take the troops out of Iraq before elected has had some hard truths brought home to him since and is following the Bush policy in the area?

    • I have some hope, admittedly not a lot, for Afghanistan as far as their culture is concerned. I will never trust the Chinese or the Russians for much of anything. Especially when it comes to keeping rogue nations in line. Do you think they will do this in our best interests? Not a chance. China keeps tabs on North Korea only for their reasons. Not ours, as is demonstrated by their delays every time we have asked for diplomatic assistance with those idiots. Again, our weakness in that kind of scenario would be exploited to the hilt. I don’t really care one flip about Afghanistan, other than the necessity of being there to get rid of as many extremists as possible from their ‘safe havens’. China and Russia will not do that for us. They oppress segments of their own populations, and I wouldn’t want to be associated with them by being beholden to them for anything. I don’t look at Obama’s troop decision as an escalation, but as much needed, long overdue, reinforcements for a severely undermanned operation.
      I think you give Obama too much credit for his ability to destroy the military. Not going to happen. I laugh when I think of the faces I saw at West Point during his speech, and the disdain that was so apparent, directed towards him. It is funny, to a point, how Obama is having to more or less follow Bush’s policy on Iraq.
      Thank you for your interest in commenting. Obamunism will only be one term, collect our tax money the rest of his life, and go on the lecture circuit running his mouth. Unless there is a teleprompter shortage.


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