Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 13, 2009

Over 60% Say KILL The Bill!

Senator McConnell this morning on CBS’s Face the Nation, told Bob Scheiffer the simple, honest truth. Americans do not want this bill to pass! Not because people do not want reform. No, the majority of American people are smart enough to see that this bill is ill-conceived, i.e., it is founded on the wrong principles, and basically ignores the real contributing problems to rising health care costs. And, that the American people do not want big government intrusion! The costs associated with this bill is off the charts of reason!

It is also ridiculous that no one other than Sen. Harry Reid, has any idea what is in the 2000+ pages of this legislative travesty! Add in the fact that much of the decision-making by Reid’s cronies is happening in secret, by an arrogant liberal majority, that ignores the public’s thoughts on this bill. But, maybe, just maybe, some of the arrogance is finally starting check itself. The Dem’s are, in fact, deeply divided over this mess. Dare I think that some of them might actually be hearing the disdain America has been screaming? Notice I didn’t say the word listening? Time will tell on that note.

Senator McConnell didn’t use the actual term Tort reform, but acknowledged the fact, that idea is one of the first things that needs to be addressed in any real reform. It is about time someone besides me voiced this fact! One can trace today’s high cost of health care straight back to the days when court’s started awarding outlandish sums in malpractice suits. There are many other factors, the good Senator from Kentucky pointed out, that need to be considered, that are not being looked at by the Dem’s in this ridiculous bill.

Overall, the message is this liberals: Kill the Bill and start over!



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