Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 15, 2009

Al Gore Embarrassed Again: How ‘Inconvenient’

Al Gore’s credibility is almost to where it should be. Zero! Right in the middle of the Climate-gate fest in Copenhagen. This is just too funny. Yet, I am willing to bet that those ridiculous activists, who are embarrassing themselves on a daily basis, won’t even pause to consider why. They are just like their Gore-god in refusing to confront the truth. A prime example is Gore’s refusal to talk to anyone in media (inconvenient?) that will challenge his lies.  See this article about Gore’s dodge of John Stossel:

Gore’s wild accusation that the polar ice caps were going to melt in five years, has been debunked by the very person he ‘quoted’ to arrive at that claim! Dr. Maslowski stated that Gore’s claim is way off base, and does not know how Gore came up with the idea of attributing the claim him.

“It’s unclear to me how this figure was arrived at,” Dr. Maslowski said. “I would never try to estimate likelihood at anything as exact as this.”

This is the kind of  ‘ball park data’ that Gore and all of his hysteria driven pals want to use to cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars in taxes and regulation costs. Wake up activists! Your claims of truth are anything but truth. Clearly there needs to be a much more careful approach to any claims in the future. Best of all ideas, is the need to prosecute people like Gore for embellishing the truth (lying!) and causing the weak-minded to become hysterical.



  1. I think most people agree that the science needs to be debated, trouble is it’s too ‘hip’, ‘funky’ and ‘caring’ to protest in hemp clothes and Birkenstocks and care about your ‘carbon footprint’ (ha ha- go figure morons, we are made of carbon- can’t they see the clear eugenics behind all of this?!). Protests held in Australia recently (coinciding with all the other ones) were organised by the State Government! You can’t stop climate change people- the climate DOES change. Could it be that ball of fire 332946 x the size of the Earth? Hmm…

    The irony is that most of us who are awake actually ‘care’ more about our Earth than the ‘environmentalists’.

    Lord Moncton ( said that at the beginning of the Copenhagen talks they do some crazy chant! Does it get more ‘Nazi’?!

    • Ha! Somehow I am just not surprised at that, but interesting to know. Are they at least somewhat original so that their chants don’t begin with “Heil”………..?

  2. Nice posts… Have you seen some of the videos; Armed Response to ClimateGate Questions or when Al Gore refused to comment over the ClimateGate emails

    How worrying! We need to expose the Al Gore lies!

    • Thank you for your comment and including the video. I had not seen them before now.
      It is extremely disturbing to me, and should be to everyone, that the things depicted in your videos are but a very small example of the censorship that is going on in America today. Not just censorship, but the propoganda put forth by the left on the order of 1930’s Germany! Do you notice that the left will always bring the need for extreme, immediate ‘change’, no matter the subject, using data that they refuse to explain any detail; and, as if the world will stop turning in the next minute, if punishing counter-measures are not installed instantly? This sounds to some as an overblown thing to say, but one just need pay attention and open their eyes and ears. Better stlll, look at history, before the left changes the history books (another subject itself), and anyone can see that these same media tactics were used to solidify Nazi power. The tactic used by Gore, and Obamunists, is the exact same formula. The correlation is this: swiftly and simply create the doomsday scenario of man is bad for environment (Jews are to blame), control, tax, and regulate man to fix doomsday problem (take Jew’s property and eliminate their ability to respond). The sad part about that scenario compared to today’s version, is the Nazi’s actually needed the Brown Shirts to enforce their propoganda, but not here. In America today, the leftists readily believe the Al Gore’s of this nation just because he and his Hollywood cronies say it is right. They are nothing but sheep. So, that is what is ‘worrying’ the most to me. That our very own neighbors are willingly lining up to swallow the propoganda and not a Brown Shirt in sight.


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