Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 15, 2009

Why Pelosi, Reid, Waxman Are Equal To Thieves

The above named socialist goons that are ramming government down your throats are just like your common thief whom gives you no choice when they steal from your home. Thieves reach a ‘point of no return’ while committing their criminal act. That is to say a thief is now guilty of wrong-doing once the act has taken place. Your loud objections to the thief being in your home are unimportant to their end goal. The goal of stealing from you.

In that same manner, Pelosi, Reid, Waxman, and the rest of the socialist rabble are guilty as thieves in this ridiculous healthcare debacle. They are in a fight at your house, that they thought was going to be an easy steal, and they have been caught. But just like the thief, they are already guilty of breaking into the proverbial cookie jar. So what to do?

The American public is screaming overwhelmingly loud: Kill the Bill! But, the socialist juggernaut steams on. Oh, they hear you yelling. They just do not care! They are laughing at you, taxpayer, as they think you don’t have any idea what is really going on here, thus, they know better than you in their thieving mindset. Just like the thief that is already in your home, they are going to take from you no matter what your objection might be. The only other choice the thief has, is to run out of your house with nothing to show for their misguided effort.

Guess what Reid and Pelosi are not going to do. They are going to point their machine guns at you, just like any self-respecting (thief) socialist goon, and fight it out to take what they want from you. They are going to continue, no matter what the cost, to ram this bill through. They are going to use the framework of the bill to continue taking control over your lives. Oh yes, the framework is all important to set up other freedom robbing controls later. (But, that is another thief story.)

American taxpayers can put the cuff’s on these thieves by inundating the moderates in congress with emails, and phone calls, to yell even louder to stop the madness. It will not matter to Pelosi, Reid, or Waxman as they are from districts that have voters who do not have a brain in their heads, as they continually send these fools to D.C. So Pelosi and Co. are very confident that their delusional districts equal the thinking of the country as a greater whole. But, there are many other’s that will and are listening! Send your message against this garbage now! Not just to your own district’s congressperson, but to all the moderates. I have more than once.



  1. “The American public is screaming overwhelmingly loud”…… Are they? It depends on where you look. You can arrange it so that you hear only what you want to hear.

    To decry those that you disagree with as “voters who do not have a brain in their heads” is un-American. The right to disagree -without personal slur- is fundamental to the birth and life of America.

    “Oh yes, the framework is all important to set up other freedom robbing controls later” This is so true. I would suggest that a lot of the Framework was already constructed by the previous administration. It was mischievously called “The Patriot Act”. Look in there to see how many of your revolutionary won freedoms were stripped away without so much as a snow driven river crossing.

    “taking control over your lives”…. So, the insurance companies dont control your lives, ‘prior existing condition’??? How often do we hear of medical aid being denied because it was a pre existing condition or not covered under the plan? What control do you have over the cost of your healthcare. The payments are whatever they can get away with. How much should a doctors appointment cost? whats it worth? How much is a hospital bed? What control do you have?

    While I agree that the new Bill is not perfect, neither is the system in place now. Costly, discriminatory and hopelessly out of reach to the lower end of middle class America.

    The magic formula is between these two extremes. A truly great country would care for those who need assistance and reward those that lead the way. The Constitution talks of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. America spends Billions on Liberty for us all, why does Life become a Market Driven Luxury, fix those two things and the Pursuit of Happiness will be an attainable goal.


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