Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 16, 2009

Obama Says Insurance Premiums Will Never Rise

That is what he says alluding to the Dem’s health care bill. Sounds like Obama and Pelosi are taking the same narcotics. She wants us to believe that this garbage will actually bring down the deficit!

In the same token, Obama wants us to believe that this bill will lower premiums and that they will never rise, as he stated on national television today? The sad fact is that there are still too many people in this nation willing to believe a ridiculous statement such as that one. Well I have a bridge I want to sell you.

Government socialist programs have never saved money! Never! They have only served to constantly increase your taxes and other costs associated with regulation. Obama’s ego prevents he and his socialist cronies to even see reality. This legislation is insane America, and constantly adding in out-and-out lies to sell it underscores that fact.

Obama has stated he will not sign this bill when it gets to him, and the Dem’s are hell-bent to get it through no matter what the public majority wants (61% and growing against), if it will not lower the deficit and insurance costs long-term. I guarantee that the CBO will manipulate the imaginary numbers to make sure it looks just that good for him to sign. Make no mistake.

If there is one American that can tell me of any government-run program that has saved the taxpayer money, has worked as projected, and has not been robbed of funding even when it was losing money to begin with; you will be doing something amazing. In reality you will be as big a liar as the socialists in power. The current bill is already robbing money-losing Medicare! Because, there is no one on earth that can show that there has been anything that has come out to the good where big government is concerned.

Tell the thieves in congress to Kill the Bill! Before it is too late. I am tired of being lied to; tired of the control freaks in congress; tired of increasing government intrusion; tired of increasing tax burden; and you should be just as tired of the lies and the rest, too.



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