Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 17, 2009

Hillary Wants To Spend $10B/Yr We Don’t Have

Today, Hillary Clinton, put the American taxpayer further on the greenhouse gas bandwagon, committing $10 billion per year towards a $100 billion global fund.

I guess Hillary doesn’t realize that yesterday, her liberal socialist cronies have had to raise the debt ceiling and borrow more money just to keep their spending spree going! We are broke, Hillary!

She has made the agreement ‘conditional’, as at least she knows that China is going to basically thumb their noses at the whole deal. Yet, we are talking about our liberal socialist’s in power at present, whom of which have shown with great fervor, their willingness to ignore common sense and ram through legislation at any cost, no matter what the majority of taxpayers against such ideas want. China is excited, though, about the fact that this will create more interest payments to them from the American taxpayer who are indebted to them! Interest payments are already $1 billion per week prior to yesterday’s raising of the debt ceiling! I suggest that the Obamunist’s and those liberals that voted them in office, feel so strongly towards this mess, that they foot the bill and leave me and the rest out of it.

The American taxpayer is not even going to get a return on our $10 billion per year. This is a pure gift, that instead of it ‘keeping on giving’ type of gift, it will keep on raising your taxes. The money will no doubt disappear into thin air, (as the corrupt U.N. of all entities will be ‘in charge’ of the fund) in spite of Hillary’s caveat that there must be ‘transparency’ as to the spending. But, if this is the same ‘transparency’ that Obama and his socialists preached, then it will be a solid black, closed-door process, that will not open for inspection. Knock as hard as you want.

Hillary even admitted that the allocation of the $100 billion dollar fund, and all the logistics that go into such a colossal venture, have not been worked out in any detail. So why even bother committing to a dollar amount? As usual, the liberal socialists want you to believe that there is doomsday factor here, and that putting the proverbial spending cart in front of the spending horse, is somehow necessary or billions of third world people (all children) will die tomorrow.



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