Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 18, 2009

Hurry! Hurry! The Globe Is Falling!!

Obama, in his speech to drooling (for American tax dollars) Copenhagen attendees, echoed the clarion call of every single activist there.  Nothing surprising there, as if fits right in with his style formula of create panic (“we’re running out of time!”) with faulty data, control everyone, and spend money we don’t have. All the while, Obama is still ignoring the fact that the majority of Americans don’t think the way he does!

At Copenhagen, there are stall after stall, of this group and that group, trying to convince whoever will listen that the world will come to an end tomorrow. All because, man whom seems to be all-powerful in the activists’ eyes, is evil and must change the course of a planet in the next ten minutes, or doom is inevitable immediately. Always the hurry up and leap before you look scenario, and always based on fuzzy logic or, in this case,  based on fraud. And, the American people are supposed to commit their tax dollars to this frenzy based on a lie? Really? Slow down and give me some sensible truth for once! Give me some reason without the hysteria.

There are activist group’s that think polar bears are the biggest victims of global demise, there are those that are all for the cute penguins, one’s for African gorillas, one’s that want to save certain islands from being swallowed by the ocean. A myriad of stupid causes. The only common theme is the arrogant view that man caused these supposed problems and that man can fix these supposed problems. Again, rational people view that as bull!

None of these activists will admit to the fact that they all used a toilet (I hope), showered, or did something to clean themselves today. None of them will admit that they enjoy the comforts of a warm place to stay and sleep in last night. None of them will admit that they enjoy the use of transportation. None of them admit that they enjoy having medicine to take when they are sick. None of the activists will admit that they enjoy the use of the poster board for their chants and slogans. None of the activists want to admit that America, and other countries, have spent trillions of dollars worth on food and aid, that has to be transported, to needy populations around the world.

All of those things had to be manufactured. Mankind has been bettered by the very industry these groups want to stifle. These activist take all of that for granted, and do not have the foresight to see that they are working to reverse all of the advances with restrictions (Cap and Trade lunacy) that will cripple industry and people. Not one activist has worked publicly to look for any cost-effective alternative, to replace any manufacturing methods, that will keep mankind on par with the conveniences we enjoy. They only have shown they want to shrink backwards and punish.

I am positive that these same activists will scream the loudest when they don’t have paper to use and a toilet to sit on one day. They will scream and chant the loudest when food costs become so exorbitant that the number of the world’s poor will increase exponentially. Oh yeah, but we supposedly need to save the polar bears….



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