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Bill Moyers And PBS Don’t Deserve Federal Funds

Bill Moyer’s PBS show Journal is a prime example of the liberal socialist media bias that PBS has become. I have tried to find programming on PBS that shows any balance to the various political commentary shows, and there are none.  All are severely slanted towards the left. Your tax dollars are the reason that PBS programming exists, not just contributions from ‘viewers like you’. Taxpayer money should not fund this biased media outlet anymore than ACORN that operates the same way.

Well, viewers like me, do not contribute private funding to their programming anymore due to the unabashed slant where political commentary, and even some of their human interest programming, always seems to include jabs at Bush, and conservative thought. I have even, in the past, volunteered answering phones during a fund-raising event for my local station, thinking at the time it was a worthwhile venture. Never again.

Moyer’s show last night was a sickening example of socialist views towards those in this nation that have made the American dream come true and happen to be wealthy, too. The view that those people are bad for making money and that the poorer of this nation deserve a share in their wealth! The view that the wealthy caused the poor to be in the condition they are in at present. Specifically the ‘fat cats’ on Wall Street and the foreclosure problem in this particular episode, but not limited only to that subject as discussed below. (On a side note, it is hilarious that there is large banner ad for a financial company at the top of Moyers’ web site for his show! Guess he doesn’t mind taking their ad revenue while he cries about how they screwed the poor!)

But, Moyers, in his Dec. 18, 2009 show, is really indicting all wealthy people in this nation, as if it is something evil to be prosperous. If you can stomach looking at the show, go the website and look at the video. (If you are a liberal reading this, try not to drool and fawn too much.) Pay particular attention to Moyers’ commentary right before his showing of the foreclosure segment. It is literally a statement that the wealthy should spread their money to the poor because they somehow ‘deserve’ your money. The segment on the foreclose activist group never asks any of those who are facing the problem, how they got to that point. Moyers only paints a picture that banks are forcing foreclosure because the wealthy banks forced them into making bad contractual agreements! Worse, the segment basically says that banks need to forget about the contractual agreements made because, supposedly, banks forced these ‘poor’ people to come in to a bank and sign a contract that was harmful! What tripe!

It is very sad that many are in foreclosure or facing the possibility, and are completely responsible folks who are not at fault for their predicament. But there are way too many that are in this position because they are not financially responsible, and are reaping what they sowed. Are there some instances wealthy people (and banks)  have taken advantage of poorer people? Sure! But, they are a relatively small few. It does not mean that the ‘system’ is broken, and sure doesn’t mean that any of the wealthy should now spread their money around to the poor! What is wrong with these people like Moyers? Is it a disease? Possibly, and the germs he had for guests promote the diseases spread. They do not even entertain the fact that it is hard work, intelligence, and perseverance that wealth is derived from at minimum. And, they should be forced to give their money away? Really?

His guests for the show were economist Robert Kuttner and political columnist Matt Taibbi. Two of the more vile promoters of the socialist disease out there right now. The transcript to the this program tells it starkly, how they skirt around the real root causes of health care problems and other issues, i.e., liberal socialist tort abuse that needs reformation, high corporate taxation, and regulation that screws around with business’ ability to make a profit. Industry is going to find a way to make a profit as that is what they are in business to do!

Nowhere in this transcript is there any mention of the real problem that would be the right track to health care reform – tort reform. Nowhere in this transcript is any sane dialog concerning what actually classifies someone as poor and why they are ‘poor’. If you can call people with two cars and their bling rims poor! It would be very interesting to see how many of the ‘poor’ of this nation, that are in foreclosure, or are close to it, how they managed their money. How they made the decision to ‘afford’ their homes and the type cars they drive. I am sure a great number would not pass a common sense test. I am willing to bet that there are some Ethiopians that would settle for 1/10th of our nations ‘poor’ assets and would call themselves rich!



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