Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 22, 2009

Another Socialist For Censorship

Sen. Grayson from central Florida doesn’t appreciate criticism of his web site. Republican, Angie Langley, has put up a web site parodying Grayson’s.

Grayson, according to, went straight to AG Holder and requested she be fined and imprisoned for five years!

Funny. Grayson is a Jew. And, he embraces Nazi socialist tactics – urgently target someone for blame, take action to prevent resistance from those blamed, imprison. Go figure.



  1. Why ARE most Jews supportive of liberals when the liberals are the authors of everything that has hurt the Jews since history began? Seems masochistic to me.

    • Perplexing to say the least. Maybe they like tempting fate? I know of one, that if the rest are as fervent a supporter, then the word zealous is an understatement. He is an activist for ‘change’ (ACORN style) in the worst way. I have written how some of the Obamunist supporters act as if Bush personally slapped them considering their hate towards him (they can’t shut up about Bush, and Palin!), and the equal activism for Obama and his policies. This guy is like that. And they call themselves intellectuals?


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