Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 23, 2009

CRS: White-washing ACORN Won’t Work

Congressional Research Services must be suffering from some malady that has affected their ability to reason. Stating that their ‘investigation’ into ACORN’s handling of federal funds has basically found them to be perfect is ludicrous. Someone should investigate CRS as to what is in their coolaid they drank. I believe the liquor is called Obamajuice.

No one, CRS, really believes your findings, nor that they are bipartisan for one single moment as they claim. CRS stated themselves that ACORN has been probed 46 times! Yet, at the exact same moment, they claim that ridiculous organisation has correctly, perfectly spent our tax dollars during the last five years?  They claim that none of the fraudulently registered  voters cast a vote? Don’t care to mention the myriad other improprieties? Like embezzlement, biased political organizing, and other things caught on film and broadcast to the world.  Socialist white-washing is all this is about. CRS’s lame attempt to dump their findings in the media, during a time of year when the story could be overlooked, is not even a good college try. We see you.

Nothing is probed 46 times without cause, but, interestingly, ACORN must have some serious protection to still be going. Well, ACORN is casting a long shadow, that also means the sun is setting on their corrupt ways, just like it is their protector’s.



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