Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | January 6, 2010

Washington State: Felonious Voting Embarrassment

Evidently Washington State is becoming the new California in its zeal to out-do anything ridiculous.

The 9th Circuit Court has seen fit to award voting rights to convicted felons. A slap in the face to law-abiding citizens, and just as bad if not worse, to the victims of these felons, some of which were murdered. Those that were murdered certainly can’t vote anymore. So, bad guys and girls, including murderers, now have the right to sway elections with their votes. At this time, only Washington is involved in this farce, but legal cancers like this will spread.

As the Associated Press reports: 

“The lawsuit contended that because nonwhites make up a large percentage of the prison population, a state law prohibiting inmates and parolees from voting is illegal because it dilutes the electoral clout of minorities. That was a violation of the U.S. Voting Rights Act of 1965, the lawsuit said.”

Only morons would let a lawsuit such as this one go this far. If ‘minorities’ are so worried about being disenfranchised from their voting privileges, and they make up such a large percentage of the prison population that commit felonies; they should be focused on improving their morals and ethics as a race and accepting responsibility for their actions. They should be embarrassed as a community about representing such a population segment. But, no, that requires principles, work and perseverance. It requires not taking the easy path.

This ruling is another example of what can happen in our society when liberals are in power in government. It goes hand in hand with other line-crossing things that increase in volume and brazenness when liberals come into power. Such as, commercials too easily viewed by your children, that show and discuss topics that should be rated ‘R’, to increased abortion ‘rights’ slipped into garbage legislation behind closed doors. It is also another example of judicial law-making. Two out of three ‘judges’ decided this mess for millions from their bully pulpit. Millions who obey the law have no real say. That is just plain wrong!

Felons, and other criminals, have no one to blame but themselves for ‘diluting their electoral clout’ when you get down to the real facts. No matter what their race. No one forced them into criminal activity of any type, much less seriously egregious activities against the greater law-abiding society.  

The most ludicrous part of this story, is that those that brought the suit, don’t even understand that they are being used. The liberals in power use minorities for votes, and will do anything they can to increase their fold. Remember, the liberal Democrats are the exact same party that was an advocate for slavery prior to the civil war. Today, liberal Democrats are still stepping on their backs, and it is just sad how hard minorities work to perpetuate the cycle, all the while calling themselves intellectuals (funny enough), that is ultimately a raw deal for everyone.



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