Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | January 14, 2010

Obama Is What Is Really “Obscene” Here

“My determination to achieve this goal is only heightened when I see reports of massive profits and obscene bonuses at the very firms who owe their continued existence to the American people who have not been made whole, and who continue to face real hardship in this recession,” Obama said in his prepared remarks.

In some of his most pointedly socialist comments yet, Obama brings out the punish-the-capitalist tax pen again.

One of the things that makes America great, is the unique ability for its citizens to seek prosperity through the incentive of creating wealth. At least in the last 235 years. America, in spite of its enemies, is the economic envy of the world as a result. Obama wants to change that by taxing and regulating people’s ability to create wealth. This will only stifle creativity and other incentives to take risk. Those who take on risk must be allowed the reward (income) for taking that risk. How dare Obama stick his nose in anyones business and tell them what they are allowed to earn.

Politicizing economics, either in prosperous times or not so prosperous times, never works. It is even worse when things are economically down. Obama wants to punish the wealthy and thinks taxing corporations is somehow going to equalize the ‘poor’ of America, when he is only being unfair to those that drive the economy of this nation. Apparently, Obama does not think profits and income are a good thing. I wonder where he thinks the jobs of America come from?

All Obama will do is to bring higher costs to the consumer. Is Obama so ignorant that he believes that these taxes will not be passed on to the consumer, in higher costs for goods and services? Obama is going to make the ‘poor’ even poorer, along with everybody else. He is going to take away the mechanisms that drive job creation, too.

Again, Obama is a failure before he even opens his mouth. Just like his socialist theory has been a failed philosophy throughout history. He will succeed in only one thing: crippling the business community and damaging this nation. Until Obama gets it through his inordinately thick skull that he has no clue what he is doing, Americans are going to suffer. Or, maybe it is his blinding hatred of the wealthy that keeps him from seeing reason.




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