Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | January 24, 2010

Obama Threatens The Supreme Court?

After last weeks landmark Supreme Court ruling free speech in America is once again closer to what our founders crafted for us in the beginning.

In wake of this ruling Obama, in his typical Chicago style, made what appeared to be a threat towards the Supreme Court. He says he is going to insist Congress address the ruling with a “forceful response to this decision.”

What arrogance and brazen contempt of the Constitution. To me that is nothing short of a threat against the Supreme Court. But the citizens of this nation should also see his retort as a threat to their personal liberty. In spite of the signals sent by the voters of Massachusetts, Obama is still wanting government to control the citizenry. This nation was founded on the principle of ‘by the people and for the people’. Something which Obama obviously doesn’t believe.

Obama has given yet one more example of why his administration has to be dealt more blows in the upcoming mid-term elections. His ego and power-hungry methods must be countered even more than what Massachusetts delivered. Obama just doesn’t get it. I have labeled him and his administration socialist. Maybe he is closer to being Nero.



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