Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | February 22, 2010

Obama’s Meddling in Credit Market Now Screwing the Consumer

If there is a perfect example of how badly the American public can be hurt by the federal government overreaching its’ bounds, Obama’s meddling in the credit market is that example. Just the example to show why Obamunists should get out of Washington D.C. and out of our lives!

Did Obama really believe that his arrogant legislation was going to actually help the consumer? Did Obama actually think that giving the banking industry nine months to formulate their reaction to the legislation, was going to result in a positive end for the consumer? Did Obama actually believe that the banking industry, already suffering, was just going to swallow approximately $12 billion dollars in lost revenue his legislation was going to cause? What a fool he and his followers are!

His socialist views are not only treasonous in general, they are going to put the finishing blow to consumers that are just barely hanging on to solvency, in these extremely tough financial times. Next statement you receive, unless like me you have already been screwed by your credit card issuer like Wells Fargo, be prepared for a major shock. If you are unemployed making your payments, they are going to get much larger for the minimum payment. And, your fees are going to increase. Good luck. Many people are not going to be able to stand the extra money per month, that could amount over a $1000 per year average, that they are going to have to pay now. Money that could be used to find a job, put food on the table, and just plain survive!

Obama and his followers think  they are doing you a favor! For those of you who thought voting for Obama was the ‘change’ needed, I hope your increased fees and payments are what you wanted. Still like your ‘change’? Maybe now, Obamunist supporters, you can finally start to understand your mistake and lack of thinking (and conservative hostility) when you voted for this clown and his circus.



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