Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | March 4, 2010

How Insane: Illegals Okay Now That It Is Census Time

Now that huge sums of money are at stake during this census year, illegals are suddenly worth having around. Never mind they don’t pay taxes, and are parasitic to their municipalities. Now your tax dollars not only will pay for illegal’s hospital bills; your tax dollars are going to build new hospitals to serve them for free, too. Excited yet?

This sends an extremely bad message. What is it to say that if any given state or local municipality condones an illegal, for purposes of garnering more money from the federal government, that breaking other laws is now condoned, too. I can see some ACLU type lawyer arguing that other laws can now be overlooked. Why not? That’s now no less insane.

This ‘amnesty’ is also going to cause the electoral process to be corrupted. Now these states and localities that have high illegal populations can get more congressional representation.  A slap in the face to American citizens that live in areas that might have gained more money from the census, but will now have to lose it to places like Southern California and Maricopa County, Arizona. It’s good to be illegal…right?



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