Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | July 25, 2010

CNN Loves Illegals:Feels Their ‘Pain’

CNN had a ‘special report’ today that was so sympathetic (read anti-American) towards illegals that they only needed to actually state “CNN LOVES illegals” to make it complete.

They profiled a hispanic grocery store owner and a hispanic woman complaining about a county in Virginia and their policy towards illegals that actually worked to lessen illegal’s presence in that county. Both individuals pointed out their ‘pain’ at the effectiveness of the law.

Seems like a good thing to me that the citizens of that county are being properly protected. But, not to CNN! CNN, without so much as a mention as to the benefits for the legal citizens of the county in Virginia mentioned, barely a mention at the end of the several minute long piece that crime had dropped significantly (grudgingly admitted to by the hispanic grocery store owner himself), focused on how this one grocery store owner ‘suffered’ a loss of business. The woman profiled cried (back to camera, face hidden) and said people should ‘walk in my shoes’ to see the adverse effect it had on her life, because she can’t go to school here anymore because she can’t get back in the country. Boo hoo!!

CNN interviewed the local police department head as well, showing him in a pathetic light as trying to ‘repair’ strained relations with the local ‘community’ and thus feeling their ‘pain’- referring of course to the illegals still left there!!

What an outrage!! Apparently, CNN and their reporter haven’t lost a business to unfair competition from illegals like I have! Apparently, CNN and their reporter have not been hit by drunk illegal hispanic drivers like I have – twice and both while I was stopped at a red light!! I got lucky in both collisions that I, and my family member riding with me in one of them, weren’t killed; and, that in one of the collisions the driver’s brother had insurance. The last one ran from the scene and once apprehended, blew a .28 on the breathalizer. He was, as far as I know, not deported either!

Apparently, CNN and their reporter don’t have to drive by illegals living four and five families to a single family dwelling, that have overwhelmed the sewer, and now (in broad daylight too) use the bushes outside, not caring about the stench or the vulgarity of their nastiness. How do I know these illegals don’t care about what I think? Because, when I gave a look of disgust to the Mexican urinating in front of his rental house, next to a busy street, he had the audacity to act like he was going to do me harm if I didn’t keep driving on my way!! An action that shows in part his lack of fear at law enforcement possibly being involved, and in part that he didn’t seem to be embarrased one bit. Believe me, the stench was enough to keep me moving on its own.

Apparently, CNN and their reporter, haven’t been exposed to diseases, like TB (I have been exposed to this), that come in to this country unchecked by these illegals, that ultimately end up in our schools, because their non-taxpaying parents send them to our tax supported schools until they are made to get vaccinations. Vaccinations against things like whooping cough that is now making a resurgence in this country. Almost unheard of anymore, until the last few years. By the way, when I asked my doctor about how in the world I could have been exposed to TB (being a few years ago); without hesitating he laughed and said ‘haven’t you noticed how many illegals are around here now’!

Apparently, CNN and their reporter have not been waiting in an emergency room waiting area, while illegals that have been treated are ushered into a room to complete paperwork so that the hospital can get paid at the taxpayer citizen’s expense. I have watched on one occasion, a mother crying at an emergency room, because her son with a broken arm, had to wait a long time, while illegals were being treated ahead of her son.

CNN is spewing it’s usual leftist rhetoric! Get with it CNN and stop supporting the undermining of this nation! Stop supporting and even exacerbating a severe problem that is hurting the citizens of this nation! No wonder I have to work hard to spend any time looking at CNNs socialist leaning, subjective programming. Goebbles would have been proud. CNN should follow his method of exit, too.



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