Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | September 27, 2010

Former Pres. Clinton – You’re name-calling?

The upcoming November 2nd elections promise to be a landslide for the conservatives, and deservedly so. The socialists have done everything they can, in an underhanded way, to bring America down this loser path they are hell-bent on traveling. The latest being another costly, loser bailout, this time for the Credit Unions. And, just like the unconstitutional health care law, the socialist dems passed the allocation of monies in the middle of the night!! They have no shame, but at least act like the rats they are, true to form, as vermin only skulk at night in the same manner they pass legislation. Continuing to fly in the face of Americans who are sick of these fools!

With the elections looming, the socialists are resorting to their typical tactics of attack ads and name calling in a feverish attempt to draw attention away from their moronic, insane government. The unfortunate side effect of this type of politics is that the ignorant and less intelligent voters in America tend to listen to these attacks and give them credence, by casting their vote based on those style of ads. Nothing can be done about those people, as there will always be those that can’t be helped.

Former Pres. Clinton is now vigorously stumping for any socialist democrat, that he can fit in his now extremely busy schedule in these waning days before the election. None of these candidates, including Clinton, are running a campaign that touts their legislative ‘accomplishments’. None of them want their former messiah Obama anywhere near their voting districts. How laughable is that?! Not one single democrat is running on their beloved health care law! To underscore the insanity of it all, as the Credit Union bailout vote shows, they just don’t get (read: do not care!) it that true Americans are angry with back room, closed-door politics! November will show that this is still a Republic!

So, former Pres. Clinton, and socialist dem pundits resort to name calling and attack ads. Yesterday, Clinton made a snide reference to O’ Donnell’s tea party candidacy for senate bringing up her high school ‘witchcraft’ story. Well, former Pres. Bill Clinton, no one cares what she did in high school!  I haven’t forgotten that your idea of doing the peoples’ business in the White House was to do your ‘business’ on Monica Lewinskys’ dress then lie about it! Neither will millions of other Americans on November 2nd.



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